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Ring Fit is no joke, I'm sweating my ass off.


Enjoying some Blue Bell Christmas Cookie ice cream. Once again the picture is sideways for some reason, but it's damn good.


Here's your reminder to get out there and do the thing.


It's here. Also I have no idea why the picture changed orientation, it's definitely the right way up in reality.


Finished the latest episode of Hardcore History and at the end Dan revealed he wrote a book. A book that's out in 2 days. Instant buy.


Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.


Just finished re-watching Furious 7 for the first time since it came out, I'm cutting so many onions right now. RIP Paul Walker. I really didn't expect to be hit so hard the second time around.


Just finished watching Rocky 4. If you find yourself thinking about what to do this weekend, I suggest watching Rocky 4.


Was really enjoying Observer. Great atmosphere, cool cyberpunk shit, interesting mystery to solve. All good stuff, then they threw in instant game over stealth sections. It's a real shame.


Got a box for Taco Day. I'm assuming they made this nice box so people would take pictures and share. Guess it worked.


WTF is up with that Death Stranding controller? Piss yellow and see through?


Tried to be a good boy and wait for the official launch of Gears 5 instead of switching regions. Now the servers are all fucky. :(


Deadly Premonition 2!! Dreams are now reality.


Finally got my design lab controller, straight from China!


New Twitch Prime games up. I've heard good things about Stealth Inc.


Lana's new album is pretty good, How to Disappear is my current favorite.


https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/bandai-namco-games-byob/ Deals and steals for some good games. Adding 5 makes the prices nice.


Sorry if someone posted this already, but this is the single most disturbing, scummy, completely fucked trailer I've ever seen. It's almost modern art.


Started playing Gears POP, the Gears of War mobile game. It's really fun, but the monetization is the typical mobile bullshit with timers and multiple currencies. It's a real shame.


Apparently there's a gamer's choice awards thing on CBS in the states right now? I didn't even know it existed until this moment but it's on right now on the east coast.


Life is Strange:BTS Episode 2 is another great ride, if they can keep up this level of quality in the third episode it has GOTY potential.


Blade Runner 2049 is the best possible sequel I think could have been made. It's fucking amazing.


Gone Home is a Game with Gold this month on Xbone. I just played through it again and it's still fucking amazing. Everyone play it!


Life is Strange: Before the Storm is hella good. I was worried before I played it but now I can't wait for more.


So, I just finished What Remains of Edith Finch. Everyone should play What Remains of Edith Finch. So do that.


Mixer actually seems pretty cool. Just made an account because of this. Hopefully it's good free stuff. https://twitter.com/Xbox/status/872830623018176516


If you think pizza is an open faced sandwich then you don't deserve pizza.


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