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The Play it/Avoid it Report - 001 // Bioshock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs and more

Hello, bloggers. �I have been struggling with what direction to take The Buy it/Avoid it Report for a while now. �Although I have always enjoyed writing it, lately I just haven't been buying much. �Other than a few digital games here and there, I've mostly been renting games through GameFly in an effort to save myself some money. �I've never been much of a collector so this just makes more fiscal sense.

So, because I'm weird and I can't write about games that I�didn't actually buy�in a blog that makes purchasing recommendations, I changed the name. �It's more for my sake than yours, I assure you. �Also, "buy" and "avoid" aren't really opposite ideas, but "play" and "avoid" are. �That makes sense, right? �The only problem now is that I'm setting myself up for confusion between my "P/A Report" and�the real PA Report. �Hopefully Ben Kuchera won't get too upset. �Anyway, let's roll.


>>� If you had told me a couple years ago that the new�Tomb Raider�game would knock my socks off, I probably would have laughed in your face. �I had roughly zero respect for Lara Croft and assumed her popularity had simply stemmed from her big boobs and short shorts. �However, when this reboot came around and I started seeing footage, I instantly noticed a difference. �Lara was filthy, cut up, bruised and beaten but had a fire in her eyes that wasn't there before. �She looked tough as hell. �All of a sudden she was a compelling character.

This game does so many things right that it's ridiculous. �The environments are incredible looking but also brilliantly constructed. �Linear paths bleed into huge, open areas with tons of secrets to discover. Running, jumping and climbing are all tuned perfectly. �It's simply a joy to traverse the environments, and the animations for every movement are simply fantastic. �You get Lara's signature bow very early in the game and can upgrade it extensively. �It was so fun to use that I often forgot that I was even carrying guns at all. �I didn't need them.

There are lots of cinematic moments in�Tomb Raider�that feel heavily inspired by the�Uncharted�games. �Yes, I see the irony in that statement. �Stuff will crumble or break at the worst times and Lara will have to make countless life-or-death leaps before the credits roll. �The main difference here is that the theme of survival is constant. �She may survive a terrible fall, but she'll land on a piece of rebar and have to pull it out herself. �The character you start as and the character you finish the game as are two completely different people, and you get to witness the entire transformation. �It's an incredible journey.

PLAY IT�if you are craving a cinematic adventure with perfect pacing and impressive production values.

AVOID IT�if you're bad at quicktime events because the death animations are almost too violent to have to watch over and over again.


That's it folks. �This was a long one but it had been a while since the last issue so I guess I was making up for lost time. �Thanks for reading! �See you next time.
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