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The Buy it/Avoid it Report :: Issue #006


Xbox LIVE Arcade

>> It wasn�t long ago that Double Fine announced they would be getting serious about digital downloads and here I am already talking about the third one! Trenched is Tim Schafer�s take on the ever-popular genre of tower defense. It�s also 4-player co-op. It�s also a third-person shooter with a major focus on mech customization. Yeah, it's awesome. Though it can be played single player, doing so can lead to unnecessary frustration. Trenched is at its best when you and three buddies are all communicating and shouting orders at each other, desperately fending off the waves of Tubes any way you can. Like any tower defense game, you can set up emplacements like turrets, mines and anti-air guns to help you out. Of course, you can also outfit your trench with weapons of its own too but at the expense of being able to carry more emplacements. It�s a delicate balancing act that must be tailored to each mission�s individual needs.

After each mission, you are sent back to the S.S. McKinley in order to fine tune your trench and ready yourself for the next battle. Though not really a complaint, I must say that there are almost too many options. Every successful mission leaves you with a bunch of new items and a lot of tough decisions to make. Do you go with a slow, massive beast stacked to the brim with machine guns and grenade launchers? Maybe a speedy little bugger loaded with tons of offensive and defensive emplacements? It�s almost heart breaking because, if you�re like me, you want to use them all! Having too many options is hardly a problem but I do take issue with the complicated menu system. When shopping for new items, the in-game store doesn�t tell you if you already have a specific item or not. It also takes far to many button presses just to get around which is a real shame because it�s the only blot on an otherwise glistening experience.

BUY IT if you'd be damned if you're gonna let some dirty Tubes take away your freedom!

AVOID IT if you're a lonely douche bag without an internet connection.


That's it for issue #006! Thanks for taking the time to check it out and if this is your first time, feel free to check out the back issues located on my side bar. For those going to PAX, I'll see you there! For those not going, make sure to pump out an adoption blog! Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys next issue!

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