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The Buy it/Avoid It Report :: Issue #003


Xbox LIVE Arcade

>> You�ll have to forgive me if this mini-review smells faintly of ignorance -- I�m ashamed to admit that I�ve never played a Diablo. I played a lot of Tekken in the early 2000�s and never had a decent PC. Well, regardless of my past gaming transgressions, I�m living the dream now! Torchlight is a dungeon crawler featuring randomly generated levels, endless hordes of creatures to slay, and a cubic fuckload of loot. The most welcome feature in my eyes, is the pet. As you�d expect, it�ll aid in battle and can even be taught basic spells. Your furry companion also serves the wonderful purpose of being a mid-dungeon loot mule. The thought of my loyal bobcat dragging a 250 lbs sack of helms and swords all the way to town and haggling with the shopkeeper for a decent price makes me smile.

Those who are concerned about the transition from PC to console have nothing to worry about. Multiple skill load-outs can be customized and are easy to switch between. The inventory screen neatly displays your items, highlighting their statistics and effects. Deciding what to keep and what to sell is a breeze. The main hub town has a nifty enchanter dude who will add new effects to your weapons and armor for a price. With each successful enchantment however, the terrifying risk of un-enchantment grows larger. It�s a tempting system that�s burned me more than once.

BUY IT if you're tired of getting that annoying �disc read error� message when you put Diablo II in your Xbox 360.

AVOID IT if you liken playing a PC game with a controller to masturbating with salad tongs.


That's it for issue #003! Thanks for sticking around and reading my words. Special thanks to my friend and fellow Dtoider knutaf for proofreading these before I publish them. He protects you guys from all the grammar crimes I unknowingly commit. He's a saint!

See you guys next issue!
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