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Just go away. You're a failure of a troll. You're underage, and think 'memes' are exclusive to 4chan (You must have been there for a week! HxC). You can't even insult us properly. You've also directly insulted four of the editors, and ...


What™: fl0w on the PSP

What. Oh hey, a chance to play the game without SIXAXIS controls. Am I the only one who had no idea that this was being made? Goddamn, I wouldn't have bought the PS3 version if I knew it would be portable. This game is a decent stress...



Since game publishers are Fucking Geniuses™, they've Fucking Ingeniously™ allowed for a drought in the summer and RELEASE EVERY FUCKING GAME EVER in October and November. This fills me with genuine nerd rage. "But Cheeftun, why are you enr...


Well Excuse Me, Princess!

Screw you, God. I don't suck. (Spoiler Alert™: Chieftain's pride was hurt) I have one of the most popular and imitated (And never surpassed) blog topics on the entire site under my belt, the Late Nite Lulz™. I've ended arguments with a...


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