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Just go away. You're a failure of a troll. You're underage, and think 'memes' are exclusive to 4chan (You must have been there for a week! HxC). You can't even insult us properly. You've also directly insulted four of the editors, and ...


What™: fl0w on the PSP

What. Oh hey, a chance to play the game without SIXAXIS controls. Am I the only one who had no idea that this was being made? Goddamn, I wouldn't have bought the PS3 version if I knew it would be portable. This game is a decent stress...


Well Excuse Me, Princess!

Screw you, God. I don't suck. (Spoiler Alert™: Chieftain's pride was hurt) I have one of the most popular and imitated (And never surpassed) blog topics on the entire site under my belt, the Late Nite Lulz™. I've ended arguments with a...


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