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My Sweet Embrace Of Sobriety


As many of you know, I have been a heavy drinker for most of my 18+ life. Alcohol has let me have many fun times, but recently I have been having some mixed feelings. I am going to graduate from college next year, and once I graduate I will have to live a responsible lifestyle. Another thing that has affected me is the incident the other night in which Vexed_Alex got alcohol poisoning. These things have sort of been a wake up call to me, and therefore, I pledge to give up any and all alcohol from this day forward. Not one drop will ever touch these lips.

In addition, since I know there will be some younger kids joining us for PAX, and some wise people of myself just won't be drinking, I will be hosting a group that wants to have alternative, non-alcoholic fun. Every night we will go to things like a movie theater, museums, or some of the tons of other things Seattle has to offer.

I thank you all in advance for the strong support I know you will give me with this decision.
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