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IRC: Your One Stop Chat Source For Anniversary NARPs

Hey folks, it's teh Coonskans! as you probably already know, there are several anniversary NARP streams, and they are fantastic to watch, but there's one problem. They all have separate chat rooms, so I think it would be smart if everyone used IRC to talk to each other about how awesome Dtoid is and about the NARP streams. I mean, by all means still watch the live feeds and use their chats to interact with the individual parties, but I think it would be best to use IRC as the main chatroom. Texas was going to have a live stream up, but we had a few injuries, and we decided we needed to keep everything low key, so you wont get to see how we celebrate. I'm sorry, just imagine a fat guy with a beard and glasses and John Lennon drinking together on a couch watching Kung Pow if you want to know what our NARP is like.
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