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E3/LA Survey


So, here's the deal folks. I just got out of college for the semester, and I need to get away from Texas for a little bit. I originally had planned a road trip from Texas all the way to the west coast, but my college friends that I was planning with don't have "money" to do fun things. But I'm not going to let them stop me. I won't be road tripping it anymore, but I am still aiming for the West coast. So, I figure, why not make the trip during E3. What I am trying to feel out is, who all is going to be there (I know most of the editors will be), when they are getting there, when/if the San Fran people are coming down, etc. I know that the editors will be busy doing their "jobs" at night, but I figured there will be something to do during the week.

All that dumbass rambling up there is me trying to ask: When are people getting in LA, and when should I come down?
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