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"These posts have no substance and are only pushing down the blog posts that people took more than five minutes to type" Seriously?!


OK, I guess I will have to be the asshole, and as much as I don't want to be, so be it. As far as the fact that "meme bogs push down quality cblogs", so do other assholes who just suck, and there is nothing that we can do about them, so you are really getting upset about nothing. These so called "meme blogs" might be taking up room, but guess what? A lot of people like Dtoid because the shit is not so serious. There have been quite a few meme blogs, such as "I hugged", "Tyra Tuesdays", and "Hamzakah", and guess what? They didn't ruin the universe. Most of us normal people like joke cblogs because jokes are funny, and people that don't have dildos up their assholes like jokes. I mean, shitty cblogs suck because they are a waste of space, but when it is fucking 4:30 Eastern, and nothing better is going on, it won't ruin the country for a few dumb cblogs to be posted. "You are not going to win a Pulitzer Prize for writing an article about Princess Peach." OK srs guyz?
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