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Love of poon makes me less hxc?

I'm a dude, I like me some poon. Everybody knows it. Growing up through high school and now into college I made sure to play by the rules dictated by the owners of said poon so that I might be able to procure some. I'm also a gamer, an...


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Learn bitches, learn.

Poor college student here, donations welcome just put them in the hat. I lurve me some video games, which is probably part of the reason why I'm as poor as I am.

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....Sorry Sony ;_;

Major: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Game with most invested time: Phantasy Star Online 450+ hrs
Level that frustrated me most as a kid: Water Temple - OoT
Highest Halo 3 level: 41
Final Fantasy games played: 2
RB6:LV Rank: Lt. Colonel (Silver Cookie)
Random facts before I run out of patience: 7