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Rock Band 2 is Coming to 360 in September, "Other Platforms" Made to Wait


Still more is hinted at in an interview with Rock Band 2 Lead Designer, Dan Teasedale. He implies that Band World Tour is highly likely to be online-capable, navigation is improved and band management sounds as if it will be much simpler to operate. Random Setlists are also going to get a change of some kind which will allow players to avoid "specific types of music" and a new mode is being added to allow for more convenient solo guitar and vocal combinations.

360 first, eh? Kind of interesting, don't you think? When questioned about it, a Harmonix representative fed IGN a slew of corporate-speak. Phrases like "great partner" and "continued support" fly from their mouth. The official line runs at nearly forty words, but I have no doubt that the internet will (perhaps erroneously) sum it up in one: Money.

I'm just hoping they got rid of the strictly defined musicians only able to play their specific instruments. What do you think of the new features coming? Is it enough for you to cough up another $60 for a new disc of music, or would you rather just grab more DLC?

(via IGN)
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