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RetRose Tinted: The Lost Vikings


Ports of the series were made for several systems.

The original Lost Vikings game was swiftly ported from its SNES version to the Genesis and a few computing platforms. It was then re-released in 2003 by Blizzard in a port for the Game Boy Advance. Lost Vikings 2 was also ported, this time to PC, Saturn and PSOne but these ports are drastically different than the SNES release. On the other, more powerful platforms, the game was programmed by Beam Software and the decision was made to utilize the the additional resources of these devices to make the characters entirely CG (instead of sprite-based) and gave them voice-over speech. While this could have been great, it looks and sounds terrible. The characters have been made super-deformed and really stand out against the backgrounds, looking quite out of place. The voice acting is stilted and annoying, with an utter failure to come up with a decent accent.

All told, The Lost Vikings is game that has aged very well. The challenge of the levels is still present and the balance between the Viking abilities makes for fascinating play. It is no surprise that Blizzard went on to innovate an industry when you see a genesis like this.

Final Verdict: Still a great game.

Fun Fact: The word "Viking" has been used twenty-five times in this post.
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