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RetRose Tinted: Rygar


Rygar will return on Wii, now with white hair!

Rygar returned to the home console for the PS2 a few years ago with Rygar: The Legendary Adventures. The game was fun, but it was really just capitalizing on the success of games like Devil May Cry and every time I play it, I wind up just wanting to put a DMC game in instead. The PS2 version is currently being re-made for Wii (under the title Rygar: Battle for Argus) and, as much as I enjoy ports with tacked on Wii controls, I'm almost certainly going to skip it. For those of you interested in the original, arcade experience of Rygar, that was released for the XBox in a collection called Tecmo Arcade Classics, along with, well, not much else worth playing.

Rygar for NES is an entertaining diversion, and fun for an hour or so. Past that, it becomes an endurance trial, since the enemies themselves never really get any more difficult and the bosses merely require patience and some decent reflexes. While I feel that the addition of RPG elements is an improvement over the arcade title, it's still not that great of a game. I'll keep my memories of this one and probably never play it again.

Final Verdict: Not a horrible game by any stretch of the imagination, but far from good.
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