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CBlogs of 6.24.2008

Knockin' boots with your recap: Quick, dirty and finished up early.

I have something else I need to be doing tonight, so I'm giving you the recap now. Also means I don't really have time to do Zimmerisms. Hopefully, I can get something up for you tomorrow.

*- When reality changes your perspective on fantasy, it can be depressing
*- Every tidbit I see of Dark Knight is just fueling my intense need to see it
*- Fascinating and funny video regarding the role of attractive female game characters and societal response to them
*- Come and join us in IRC!
*- Must read! Step-by-Step guide to getting the most awesome out of Dtoid

S- RetRose Tinted: Popeye (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- Vongore's torrid affair with the original Game Boy
M- Resident Evil 4 is EternalDeathSlayer's start of the affair

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (FINALLY Ends 6.30)
>9000- Brian Keljore

F- TF Tuesday!
C- Join up with the Dtoid Metal Gear Online clan
C- Mr. Destructoid's head leaves trail of blood and pain wherever it is worn
C- Unemployment sucks
B- Happy birthday, Sonic
RIP- 360 wireless headset kicks the bucket after only one week?
H- branderailment's nicely modded 360

N- Create-a-Fighter in Soul Calibur IV capable of producing an Afro Samurai
N- UK sales charts
N- Australian sales charts show a distinct lack of quality titles
N- Kratos may be appearing in Soul Calibur IV
N- London's Metro newspaper gives MGS4 a six, but shows poor review skills in process
N- Nintendo is putting Wii into hospitals
V- This Dev Diary vid for [i]Red Faction Geurrilla has piqued my interest
V- New Left 4 Dead videos
V- Another Dead Space video
V- This Spore created Tonberry knows how to get down
R- An MGS4 review from Setsonblade
T- The choice we must all make at one time or another (also sad panda over dead wii drive)
T- EA shafts Australia again with Spore
T- Ramblings on PSN downtime, Dead Space and some other stuff
T- Making Niko a bad, bad man
T- Toneman has broken ten million fans in Rock Band
T- N+ is highly frustrating but soooo addictive
T- The Blizzard plot thickens as more evidence arises that there may be a Diablo announcement
N- The Diablo III rumor has been covered already, but this is a good read
T- More theory on the Blizzard mystery
T- Harvest Moon fans will be getting a lot of love this year
T- Finaly boss in Ninja Gaiden II looks awfully familiar
T- Mr Wilson sold his Wii for a PS3
T- nilcam thinks 2008 is looking up as far as games are concerned

T- Wii hackers have circumvented the 3.3 firmware
T- Schrödinger's cat applied to fanboyism
T- Procyon is wondering if it's worth the effort to write a walkthrough for a shmup
T- A possible way the PS3 "trophies" may manifest their scoring
T- Do crossover characters improve or damage a game?
T- boatorius is not playing a lot of games right now
T- Itchy examines codec conversations of yore
T- Goodwill still a good place to score gaming values

F- This poster of Rob Zombie's new film likely to be better than film itself
S- Adorable Dig Dug pillows
S- Very impressive 360 case mod

R- Videogame cakes
V- Some video involving a girl on an escalator that I can't watch because Myspace Video sucks
V- More vids of people doing fun or stupid things on escalators
C- Spore Galactic Edition
C- Pikmin is pretty sweet, now just tell us more

F- I know there's a good number of spanish-speaking Dtoiders, but it's not the majority and you know that.

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