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CBlogs of 6.23.2008

Well, I hope you all had a better day than I did, as I suffered through an inexplicable problem with Firefox not wanting to load any Google applications. It's fixed now, thanks for your concern. The whole thing has really put into perspective my dependence on Google as a company/service.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who entered my contest for a Dreamcast. I'll be going through the entries over the next couple of days and deciding on a winner by the end of the week.

*- This chocobo created in Spore Creature Creator is amazing
*- Goodbye George.
*- You will be missed.

A- Microsoft's push for the Japanese market may finally yield results (Brad Nicholson)
S- Wii Fit seems to be working, but the love is gone, baby, gone (Cowzilla3)
S- Time again for that magical question: What Did You Get?
M- CWal37's affair started with whips and chains (Super Castlevania IV)
M- JustLikeBuck thought the wait was worth it on his Commodore64
M- ConsFEARacy dug in over Goldeneye
M- Strategerie became Dagerr's bag with Romance of the Three Kingdoms
M- Zac Bentz got by with a little help from his friends
M- Long musing from junglist gamer is long
M- DJMegaMatX fell in love with a slime (Dragon Warrior)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (FINALLY Ends 6.30)
E- Rio won a MGS4 shirt from superflossy
>9000- Wedge
>9000- Dead Movie Star

C- Crunshii's building a new rig, wants advice
C- Wardrox has grajumicated
C- coonskin05 wants to interview you for FAILCAST
C- Yojimbo puts the call out for Metal Gear Online players to join Dtoid's clan
C- Holy shit! It's Aaron Linde!

N- Entertainment Weekly gives their list of the top fifty games in the last 25 years
N- PES 2009 gets autumn release, new screenshots
N- Amazon has Tony Hawk's Proving Ground for $15, if you care
N- This week's VC releases
N- Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta downloadable Wednesday
N- Possible release date for Starcraft II
N- List of fixes in latest GTA IV multiplayer patch
N- Left 4 Dead will feature split-screen multiplayer
N- E3 party invite from MTV looks creepily close to potentially leaked Rock Band 2 cover art
N- Frontlines: Fuel of War map now available for free
F- Possible leaked screen of PS3's "Trophy" system
V- Lord of the Rings: Conquest trailer
V- Zelda creatures made in Spore Creature Creator
V- And a Cactuar for good measure
V- And another Spore creature
R- I reviewed Elements of Destruction for XBLA
R- 60 minute review of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
T- Sick of waiting for Europe to get their games? So is JustLikeBuck.
T- BlindsideDork is looking forward to Alone in the Dark, but not in the way Atari might like
T- Blizzard has posted a mysterious splash page
T- blehman is totally hooked on Animal Crossing: Wild World
T- Anti-fanboy ranting about MGS4
T- iwontusemyname wants more inventive zombie games
T- sonicmario is driving to Maine for a pinball tournament
T- You're right, I completely forgot about Eight Days
T- Brad Nicholson isn't excited for Happy Tree Friends and Ticket to Ride. He is wrong on one count and the other is Happy Tree Friends.
T- The console wars find another crossing enemy lines
D- GoS-CPT-Stewart gives us new screens of his UT3 map

A- Lots of random artstuffs
A- More sweet 3D models from JACK of No Trades
A- Scary Womanizing Pig Mask has drawn the Podcastle
F- Download the non-playable portions of MGS4 here.

R- Kotaku is reaching for content
R- Microsoft gives back 25% on eBay purchases
R- Remember when cartoons were awesome?
R- Crazy ex-girlfriends are crazy
V- Gangsta kids in Iraq
V- Softcore breadmaking pr0n for desperate housewives
V- World of Workcraft
V- Horrendously bad (so far past being awful that it can't even be funny) Sonic fanfic reading still manages to be more entertaining than The GameBoys
V- Robbie puts his Wii out of his misery

S- These videos were on the front page yesterday
S- These pictures are 1000 internet years old
F- Sterling endorsed the fail in this blog
F- Your fail will turn people off from an AMAZING BAND. Way to go.

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