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CBlogs of 6.16.2008 + Zimmerisms


I am back from the Great White North and in full effect! Despite the 40 degree temperature increase upon my return from Canada-da-da, it's good to be home. I'll tell you a little bit more about my vacation after the recap. In fact, I think I'll be bestowing a little Canadian nugget each of my days this week.

Also, if you haven't checked out my new contest, you should probably do that. I'm giving away a Dreamcast and you all know how much you want some of that.

*- Police Squad opening for GTA IV is hilarious.
*- Is "Game Over" an obsolete concept in modern gaming?
*- Love this new Battlefield: Bad Company trailer.
*- Gynecologist Cobra gets all themo on us.
*- These fan-made sequels appeal to my interests.

A- Battlestar Galactica needs games and SilverDragon1979 has ideas.
A- Yojimbo shows us the positive side of trash talking
S- Cowzilla continues to firm up with Wii Fit
S- What did you get this week?
S- Retro Pain: Transformers Convoy No Nazo (Procyon)
M- Batthink's affair with competitive gaming
M- My love affair began with Hunt the Wumpus
M- NihonTiger got hooked on Lode Runner and Choplifter
M- Super Smash Bros. got SWE3etMadness going. I feel old.

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (FINALLY Ends 6.30)
C- Superflossy wants to sex you up with a kick ass MGS shirt (6.20)
C- Tell me how to give away a Dreamcast and I'll give you one too. (Ends 6.23)

E- DToid Australia meeting up at Supernova
F- Euro Metal Gear Mondays
F- Metal Gear Mondays American Style
C- 4knuckleshuffle is starting a new blog series
C- DrNutt is awesome, hooks UnstoppableJuggernaut up
RIP- Stan Winston is dead. You don't actually have to click this. You know the whole story now.
RIP- wwjd4bbq accidentally deleted his PS3 save data
H- Cletus the Fetus shows off his goods

N- PSP firmware update to add google search to XMB
N- Women are destroying their homes with Wii Fit
N- Unreal 3 Engine licensed for upcoming MMO
N- MGS4 is a confirmed system seller
N- Next installment of G1 Jockey will support the Balance Board
V- Ad for Fifa Street 3 is astounding
V- Four more Spore creatures
V- Alone in the Dark making of video
R- BigPopaGamer reviews Viking
R- Pixel Blue goes through Final Fantasy III
T- I'd hit it.
T- How the consoles resemble their corporate overlords
T- Is MS ditching Gamer Pics?
T- IL-2 Sturmovik coming to consoles
T- Creepy flash game is creepy
T- michiyoyoshiku tries to put game series in a linear chronology
T- craineum learned his lesson about selling old consoles
T- More bargain hunting yields more bargains
T- Afrika is essentially Pokemon Snap
T- Conduit may make voice chat on Wii a reality
T- Amazon.com posts possible Final Fantasy IV DS box cover
T- Achievements improve Sonic 2
T- Another sweet craigslist score nets games snotrocket has no system for
T- MGS4 easter egg proves once again that Kojima is fucking weird
T- benmakesmovies was not impressed with Final Fantasy III
T- Are collection-style achievements stupid or do they add longevity?
T- Specialty controllers: Immersive or useless?
T- Rock Band, Mxyzptlk haz it
T- MGS4 and an obscure literary device
T- Battlefield: Bad Company site thinks it's a small world after all
T- Game Informer slaughters some Sacred Cows, MrHappySunshine doesn't get it
T- nilcam finished Blast Works, realizes how old skool he is
T- More MGS4 love from Mattamus Prime

F- Boll wins awards for, but it's New Jersey, so it makes sense
S-ekoala2002 brings us yet another Soopa

R- Retail employees relay tales of horror and hilarity
R- Tiff shows off adorable 3D kitty playing cards
V- Very bizarre animated video with a phallic radish spaceship
V- Ron Workmeng gives us the gift of Themo
V- The continuing saga of a Resident Evil knife run
V- Japanese magician does tricks with the help of Old Snake
?- Ramblings on this and that

F- Uncreative, shameless Dtoid pandering
F- If this isn't a forum post, I don't know what is.
F- This should be in the CBlog Support forum
F- No, I don't like Elder Scrolls and I don't like this post

The woman and I headed up to Sudbury, Ontario almost two weeks ago. Her mother married herself a Canuck and moved that way a couple of years ago and, while my fiance had visited them for a week last year, I hadn't been yet. But her sister was graduating from high school (to the surprise of many) and I hadn't seen her family in a couple of years, so it was pretty important that I go. Oh, and there was this other reason:

That's Elsie, and she's my new girlfriend. Her sister, my fiance, should be concerned about when I decide to trade her in on this younger model. Six months old and just about the happiest thing I've ever seen in my life. My initial reaction to the photos I had seen of her were the same I'd give to any baby: She looked like Winston Churchill. But the second that little, wriggling bundle grabbed my beard for the first time, all was lost. I probably spent more time with that baby than I did with anyone else for the week we were there.

Now, this doesn't change my opinions on having a baby girl of my own. Given the choice, I'll have one boy and that's that. I'm the last in my family line, after all. The missus convinced me that two children would be manageable and one of them, the first, could be a girl. If we have a boy, we're stopping right then and there. Two girls? Then I guess the Zimmermans are dying out. That, or I'm moving to China before we try again.

It's not that I don't like little girls. I positively adore them. I'm pretty sure that a daughter of mine would need only bat their eyelashes to get anything she wanted. I don't want to live with the fear that someone could exert so much control over me.

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