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CBlogs of 6.1.2008

Remember when I said you wouldn't see me doing the recap for three weeks? I lied. lemon couldn't do it today, so I'm filling in for him. And here it is. Have a good one.

*- You'll probably disagree with me, but I think this is great
*- This is an exceptionally well-written story
*- SunTzu wants to stop the encroachment of FPS games and I agree (plus, I loled)
*- I hereby decree that GHost cards shall be picks in all recaps (that I do)

*- Teta draws... ME!

A- zombieplatypus eductaed himself on Splatterhouse
A- More on the moral choices in GTA IV (jesusofwales)
A- Bloggers be hard, yo. (Yojimbo)
A- Piracy: Try before you buy?
A- Games as stress relief

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 6.30)
C- The Truffle Shuffle can land you a month of Live (Ends 6.2)
C- Be Pretentious, Win Bleach DS (Ends 6.15)
ToE- Plush Golem
ToE- fuyure
ToE- Haruna
ToE- foryth

E- Cinci NARP recap
E- Cinci NARP recap
E- Takeshi wants to get an Amsterdam NARP around Kojima's arrival
E- A dev's thoughs on the Cinci NARP
E- Cinci NARP
E- Cinci NARP
E- Cinci NARP
C- Cinci NARP
E- Guess what? Cinci NARP
E- Cinci NARP
E- Cinci NARP
F- North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados meetup photos
F- New thursday night fight night?
C- Toneman looks back on the anniversary of his first cblog post
C- gynecologist cobra is learning some new media design stuff
I- darksydex3226 kisses our asses a bit
I- monkeyspoon5 joins up
I- thinkfreemind
RIP- MrSadistic Red Rings

N- EDGE reviews MGS 4, scores under 10, fanboys revolt
N- Eurogamer's review of MGS4 seems credible
N- In-game XMB coming June 9th-10th?
V- Street Fighter IV Trailer
V- Ninja Gaiden II demo footage
V- Fracture Trailer
V- GRID gameplay vids
R- Pew reviews Bourne Conspiracy
R- Mabinogi
R- Video review The Game of LIFE for Wii
R- Nyko's Frontman Wireless Guitar
T- Where are all the retro stores?
T- Zeta's World
T- Vexed Alex is unimpressed with [i]GT5 Prologue
T- EternalDeathSlayer is obviously a sick, sick man.
T- Age of Conan impressions
T- Thoughts on what you should be buying this summer
T- Upgrading the PS3 hard drive
T- Randomness on Pokemanz and Penny Arcade

F- Red Vs. Blue returns!

L- MGS nipple slip? Call FOX NEWS!
R- Toys R Us sucks now.
R- G4 starts airing video game content again Monday
R- Hanging with Mega64
R- Ten random things
V- Old GameBoys is, astonishingly, less funny than The GameBoys of today
?- I had trouble reading this, to be honest

S- Unfunny clip of GTA board game showed up a week or two ago
S- Firefox NES add-on posted yesterday
F- I didn't really get into your blog, specifically

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