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CBlogs of 5.7.2008

Re-cappin' across the universe, on the starship Destructoid.

I had big things planned today, a whole huge rant on climate change and environmentalists after I read a new article on the topic. Then I took a nap this afternoon and the whole thing had to be scrapped for time. I don't know about you guys, but taking a nap (ironically) wipes me out and I can't seem to get much of anything done afterwards.

Anyway, maybe next week. It's my last day for teh recapz this week, ceark returns tomorrow to rock your world. Have a good one, everybody.

*- This didn't seem to get much notice, and I know we'd like more intro from the guy, but his video is pretty funny.

*- Repost of the Classic Game of the Month Club information. Educate Yourself.

A- ShadeWithin shares a college paper he wrote regarding video game violence and addiction
A- Video Games and UK Law in four acts: Part two (Tamz)
S- Control Freaks: Prop Cycle (njsykora)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- T-shirt Contest (Ends 5.18)
C- Niero teased us with Deca Sports demos before announcing the contest today
E- More Podtoid MGS impressions
E- Rider Chop takes a stab at shutting Chad up
E- So does Rio, and it's adorable
E- Torzelan's entry into MGS Podtoid
E- Harassment Panda wants Chad to STFU too.
E- And an entry from MaxVest
E- Rider Chop tries again
E- Director's cut of Genki's entry, now with more lulz.
E- electr - I mean, Gynecologist Cobra enters

E- bunnyrabbit's MS Points contest ends, mad props to stooz for stepping up with the prize after yesterday's robbery

E- Dtoid Vancouver announces their first get-together, an evening online
S- See? This is what you miss out on when you don't join us in IRC. It also may make you never want to go there.
C- Dick McVengeance now has a Twitter.
C- RobotFart's been away for a couple of weeks, wants to know what he's missed and shows us a kickass costume

N- Tales of Innocence won't be leaving Japan
N- GTA IV gets patched on PS3 to fix multiplayer issues
N- Blizzard's lawsuit against cheat bot company could have far-reaching implications
N- Fight Night 4 announced
N- Arcade game expo dates announced
V- Zero Punctuation responds to hate mail this week (and it's probably his best work ever)
V- An introduction to Far Cry 2
V- New Little Big Planet vid is pretty cool
T- Mabinogi, an anime-styled MMO from the makers of MapleStory (and it's free)
T- Are game reviews becoming reactionary toward the current state of the industry instead of being honest?
T- ParaParaKing asks if we really need another rehash of Dr. Mario
T- Haze demo seems decent but nothing special
T- Science Channel re-airing documentary series, Rise of the Videogame
T- Rockstar has the media playing right into their hands
T- Butmac loves Diddy Kong Racing on DS
T- Voodoo seems unimpressed with Nintendo Channel, but it's looking like a connection issue more than anything
T- American disdain for video games tied to it's work ethic?
T- THQ is blaming Nintendo and rhythm gaming for missing earning projections; nilcam offers a solution
T- Time Travelling flash game is awesome
T- Linde has written a history of fan efforts to bring Mother stateside
T- teh d0n now understands the motivation of game collectors
T- Console-specific GTA adverts?
T- New Castle Crashers update is uber-cute
T- RROD support horror story
T- Some GTA imprssions that I honestly didn't read
T- Cataract found a copy of Earthbound lying in a stairwell at his school
T- FlonneMcNinja talks tactics, specifically Disgaea
T- The character evolution of Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)
T- The Bez loves his Magic cards

A- Comic in UK magazine re-affirms gamer's position on violent game debate
A- Butmac graces us with yet another comic
M- Amy Winehouse looks like shit

R- This blog makes passing mention of MGS, but it's really about manga
R- Half-Life 2 cafe in Riyadh probably real, according to Redzie
R- First ever recording of orca hunting dolphins
R- This explains a lot about OMGLOLZ trolling behavior
R- What's with the string of thefts against Dtoiders lately?
R- RickRolling beyond the confines of the intarwebs
V- Will Wiimotes blend? You bet your ass they will.
V- Family Guy video with The Matrix trailer audio

S- Mirror's Edge trailer from yesterday; lucbernard is such a lovable lunatic scamp though, wouldn't you agree?
F- I have no doubt at all that this is a honest opinion and not just another trolling attempt. Absolutely none. Zero.
F- Forums please.
F- More hard-hitting journalism from PaperBowser0
F- Instead of being the last post today, could it be the last post ever? Don't make me beg

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