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CBlogs of 5.5.2008 + Awesome Marvel News

Swing low, sweet recap, comin' fore to carry me hoooome!

Not a lot of activity in the blogs today. Must be finals week or something. Only about fifty entries or so all day, making this the easiest Monday ever. As such, however, there really isn't a whole lot for me to talk about. I could tell you how I watched The Bourne Identity with my fiance tonight (who hasn't seen any of the films) after showing her the demo for Bourne Conspiracy (which looks like it'll kick ass). But you probably don't want to read about that and I honestly have better things to write. Enjoy your recap and I'll see you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Awesome Marvel News now follows recap

E- More photos from the LA NARP last weekend that I'm still pissed I couldn't make it to

M- ShadeWithin has some ideas for improving the Suikoden series and JRPGs in general

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.30)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

F- It's MOOnday! Test Agent MOO's game for him
F- New community anime night starts tonight (it's already over, but check the post for times for next week)
F- GTA IV coming to a saturday night near you (we need hosts)
C- Games we finished last month
C- Dtoid site text getting cut off in IE? (probably should be forums, but I'm interested)
C- bunnyrabbit2 gets mugged; who the fuck cares about getting a prize in light of that?

N- Another article on engadget stating Blu-ray on it's way to 360
N- PS2 and Wii Rock Band getting some of the DLC in disc form
N- Somewhat bargain on Activision games at Amazon
N- Europe finally gets Puyo Puyo 2 on VC, also "Gley Lancer"
N- Prototype gets a delay
N- New South Park DVD release to include Rock Band download code
N- Take-Two strikes back, sues Chicago Transit Authority for taking down ads without explanation
V- Video demonstrates how to cheat in GTA
R- that1dood reviews Mario Kart Wii
T- Skribble tells us what to expect from PS3 in May
T- mabman is sick of the constant hyping of new games
T- Do you find MGO to be boring? This guy does
T- The RetroDuo plays both NES and SNES carts
T- I played the Bourne demo and my feelings are largely positive
T- Dan Houser's a bit of a douchebag
T- Complaining about Persona 3: FES
T- Perri wants tutorials for making flash games
T- GTA comments, which have thankfully died down as of today
T- That's a whole lot of games you just bought

A- rmska8r05 shows us some artwork
M- New NIN music available for free download
M- Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip is awesome stuff you should check out
F- Robert Downey Jr. deserves an Oscar nod for Iron Man
F- BigPopaGamer gives us his Iron Man review
F- Analyzing the new Dark Knight trailer
F- Minutae in the Iron Man film to look for (spoilers, particularly in comments)
F- A possible first look at Two-Face in Dark Knight?
S- tornotlukin shows off the gaming shirts he makes and they're pretty cool

L- More free stuff
L- Butmac's new Catan comic
R- Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
R- Dolphin gets prosthetic tail, Concealmo gets wood
R- Happy Cinco de Mayo, now go get drunk on cheap Mexican beer
V- Freeman got served
?- I must have missed something

S- Another "funny" comment on week old letter from Thompson to Zelnick's mom
S- It's slow. Are we being too hard on slow posters? Check the comments on this one.
F- I like that you're giving away Lost Cities and all but please don't advertise your site here
F- I don't care if you're drunk, even today
F- You know, you could go into even the slightest amount of detail here.
F- Useless dross

I didn't want to do a double-post (see, kids? That's called "blogging etiquette"), so I'm tacking on to the end of the recap because it's too fucking excellent for me not to mention. I was playing that NewsBlaster game Chad mentioned on the front page and the first headline I get is about Iron Man and the announcement of a sequel being released on April 30th, 2010!

But that's not all! The article goes on to mention that four other Marvel films will be forthcoming:

“Thor,” due out June 4, 2010; “The First Avenger: Captain America,” May 6, 2011; “The Avengers,” July 2011; and “Ant-Man,” which is in development but has no release date.

Now, I'd heard rumblings of Ant-Man for a while and I'm not surprised to see it still has no verified date, but Thor?! A Captain America movie (I'm not counting that other one, fuck you), finally?! Fuck me sideways, this is looking like a great time to be a comic book fan.

Full story here.

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