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CBlogs of 5.28.2008

It's hump day! And it's time for your recap. This is not only my last recap for the week, it's my last for a couple of weeks. I'm headed up to the Great White North and I'm really going to miss doing this. It's hard enough being at home surrounded by all my junk without a task, let alone being on vacation surrounded by someone else's junk... I'm gonna go nuts.

Anyway, for the two weeks I'm gone, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask has agreed to pick up my slack. With luck, my columns will still continue to come in on schedule.

And here's what all of you did today:

*- Why we play scary games
*- It's on the front page, but I don't care. Beyond Good and Evil 2 tease is far beyond good.
*- I wasn't going to get WiiFit, but the possibilities now intrigue me
*- Surf314 has an interesting game concept going
*- This was meant to be a pick and, yet, somehow I managed to not put it in the recap. Sorry about that.

A- Why do we no longer loan and borrow games? (norm9)
A- Another in-depth look at the games as art debate (Brilliam)
A- Third parties love the Wii but aren't showing it very well (Novakaine)
A- Knyte remembers 3 lost developers
S- That SLiFE
M- Dead Rising isn't good enough for maxio098ui.
M- Europe is sick of getting shafted and Batthink's... well, probably gonna have to keep taking it for a while
M- SWE3tMadness wants his old Guitar Hero back

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
E- Vexed Alex's Halo 3 FNF contest
T- everchange
ToE- zebrakenko

E- Cincinatti pre-NARP party info
F- Wendesday Night Whatever!
S- My GTA IV dies. Goodnight, sweet prince.
C- Redzie can't decide on the details for his new Desutoid helmet
C- Holyetheline is selling their N64 collection
C- Dtoid achievements? Plus, more of brecksher's sweet pin designs (I'm in one!)
C- Butmac and -D- are headed to PAX!
I- Salty Soil came for the contest, stayed to be awesome
I- AnTi PRO says hello

N- Amazon's Deal of the Day was CoD4 GOTY edition
N- UK Sales charts
N- Shaun White Snowboarding announced
N- Metal Gear Solid theme will not appear in MGS4
N- Fire Emblem coming to DS in Japan
V- GTA IV in-game TV commercial
V- Idiotic tutorial video for Guitar Hero: On Tour
V- Zero Punctuation pins The World Ends With You
V- First trailer of new Prince of Persia game
V- The exact opposite of the WiiFit vid in my picks above
V- Gameplay footage of Dark Void
T- ParaParaKing fears for the future of WiiWare
T- Impressions of The Incredibles (XBox)
T- Thoughts on the new additions to WoW in Wrath of the Lich King
T- Wrapping ones head around Far Cry sequels
T- Random thoughts on Warlords release and Guitar Hero World Tour
T- Text-based sports sims
T- nilcam loves My Life as King
T- Impressions of going back to Majora's Mask
T- Misty, watercolor memoriiieeees
T- Will SCORE International Baja 1000 feature Mexican sabateurs?
T- The Suffering was, apparently, not insufferable
T- Disturbing yet awesome portal tattoos
T- New Doom mod looks epic
T- PsychoSoldier is afraid Soul Calibur IV looks a little to much like Dead or Alive
T- BBC returns to being dicks about video games
T- A look back at the Tiger Electronics LCD Metal Gear
T- Castle of Shikigami III impressions
T- RonBurgundy2010 longs for a new SSX game worth playing
T- pendleton21's impressions of God of War for mobile devices (and he's right, I have it and it's pretty good)

A- DJDuffy drew Poison on her DS
A- boylie shares some 3D models
M- sonicmario lays down some more sweet trance game remixes
M- This week in Blu-Ray
F- Details emerge on Transformers sequel
F- A link to a review of Postal

R- Garth Ennis: Best comic writer ever?
R- Batman in a milk ad
R- Half left is a closet gamer
R- Some browser plug-in that I don't understand
R- (Digital) Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
R- Gametap sacks editorial staff (link in the comments)
R- Schmo0zle bought a new TV with the power of debt
V- Creepy Einstein robot
V- Remembering Phil Hartman
C- Starcraft victory needs moar explanation

S- This was in the blogs yesterday
S- It's only due to timing that I put this blog here. I'm excited for it too.
F- Spam someone else's site, please
F- *sigh*
F- Too many games set in Africa? Are you Necros?
F- A for Effort is F for Fail
F- Should have listened to 007

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