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CBlogs of 5.27.2008

Too worn out and irritated by the (still reasonably small amount of) fail in the blogs today to really have much to say. And I'm depressed about Bionic Commando ReArmed being pushed back. And my GTA... well, you think you know somebody and then something like this happens

So yeah. Here's the recap. See you all tomorrow.

*- It's retarded, but I can't stop playing this
*- Brecksher does more sw33t Dtoid pins
*- This is how Spielberg could atone for Indy 4
*- More Destructoid Cards!
*- Do want sick Fallout 3 custom toy

A- skribble's games to watch for in June
A- Should MS drop the XBox name for future consoles to improve image? (UnstoppableJuggernaught)
S- RetRose Tinted: Spy vs. Spy (Conrad Zimmerman)
P- FAILCAST wants to know what you'd ask a shark.

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
E- Vexed Alex's Halo 3 FNF contest
ToE- sevink
ToE- bladedge379
ToE- Suffragette City (which is the best name ever and he should win on that basis alone)
ToE- kratosmaster
ToE- Jayson Napolitano
ToE- user9000

E- DtoidAustralia wants to meet up at Supernova Pop Culture Expo
F- TF Tuesday
F- Educate Yourself Classic Game of the Month Club goes FNF this Friday!
S- My GTA goes to a dark place
C- Clance is having a hard time coming to terms with some blog comments
C- Demios wants some help getting Kojima's signature
C- Yes. We're awesome.
C- MissHinasaki bought a 360
C- Yup. Spoilers suck
I- Further proving all hope is lost for him, Butmac starts a Dtoid WoW guild

N- id Software leaves ESA
N- This week's XBLA releases
N- Newegg.com has SIXAXIS controllers for $12 today
N- New Gears of War 2 features revealed, smells like CoD4
N- Freezecracker starts new gaming news show. It's funnier than The GameBoys.
N- Bionic Commando ReArmed delayed
N- Gamespot compares consoles to shut up fanboys, finds them nearly identical, has no credibility
N- Details of the Gears of War re-release
N- Nintendo Power has Castlevania on the cover this month
V- Mime falls down storm drain in PAIN
V- Team Fortress highlight reel set to Gloria Estefan. GameBoys still not funny.
V- Weird Pokemon Puzzle League glitch
V- Footage of Vader in Soul Calibur IV
R- Gear Review: Logitech's G5 Mouse
R- Penny Arcade Episode One review
T- GoggolrAscendant is still playing Pokemon
T- Flash trial of Ikaruga
T- New guy (Kyuzo) has been playing Age of Conan
T- More thoughts on consequence of choice in GTA IV
T- Butmac has fallen off the WoW wagon
T- Hulk Ultimate Destruction is muy destructivo
T- Shadow of the Colossus made Demtor cry.
T- The further adventures of Phoenix Gamma's mom and WiiFit
T- List of four things Ninja Gaiden better have changed for the sequel
T- Lamentations on lost game saves
T- yaisuah further discusses his game idea, Pixel
T- vn1977 wants to move away from physical media
T- Azure Dreams was a pretty cool game, according to commish
T- I would buy Sterling's game.
T- Advance Wars: Days of Ruin impressions
T- Prince Caspian sounds dreadful
T- Homebrew app for DS acts as decent substitute for PC tablet
T- Dr. Mario Wii has the BEST ONLINE FEATURE EVER!
T- Scarlet Weather Rhapsody impressions

A- In other news, even with guest contributions, VGCats still isn't funny
A- New 3D models from JACK of No Trades
M- New GTA IV soundtrack is a mixtape from The Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern
F- Comparison of Indy 4 to Red Alert 2?
F- Gyllenhaal confirmed to have a job, now just needs easier to spell last name
S- Matthew Blake has some plushie designs he wants critiqued
S- Nick Chester scored some sweet swag from Capcom

L- An unfortunate Wii Points code
L- Sterling's artistic genius cannot be denied
L- Hilarious Gamespot banner ad
L- I'd probably still play it
R- Gay Thug Dating
R- What's it like to live in China?
R- Note: If you put fan fiction in the title (and it's not fapfiction) I will not read it.
V- Lyrically robust Indiana Jones theme song
R- Fleet3000 saw Lord Zedd!
C- Poorly formatted post about Australia sucking for gamers doesn't get read by me

F- So does your blog.
F- Was this response harsh enough?
F- The Forums have many suggestions for good games to play
F- Something vaguely smelling of pasta with no real content about programming bacteria.
F- Okay, you know what? Fuck you. If that's all you have to say, quit wasting everyone's time. Seriously, I've used more words in describing my outrage at your shitty blog post than you used in describing your brilliant insight into what DLC for GTA IV will be. Die in a fire. Need help? Call me.
F- Maybe I'm still pissed off about that last guy but, you do know you can post comments on front page articles, right?

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