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CBlogs of 5.26.2008

Today's recap is brought to you by Windex.

And now, on with the recap.

*- Oooh, Dtoid pins. Do want. (brecksher)
*- Cowzilla3 sacrifices his pride for science

S- What'd You Get?
M- Yggdra Union needs to make item finding easier (Gen Eric Gui)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
E- Vexed Alex's Halo 3 FNF contest
E- Wa-Keen got his Deca Sports demo disc prize
ToE- FlonneMcNinja

E- A mini-NARP in Jersey next weekend
F- PS3 Poker Night!
S- One step closer to playing GTA IV
C- coonskin05 had a few, and he, like, loves you, man
C- Detry was drinking too, but he took a different approach
C- The RFGO pre-show post was pretty epic
I- Ha-Puken says hello

N- New Killer Instinct coming?
N- God of War PSP
V- Age of Conan gameplay footage
V- New Ninja Gaiden II vids
V- Footage of Yoda kicking some ass in Soul Calibur IV
R- Cheeburga reviews Ninja Gaiden II
R- Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
T- Mattamus Prime thinks Haze falls short
T- HL2 mod Age of Chivalry gets an update
T- GigaMach waxes nostalgic on the Sega Genesis
T- VampireBlood thinks Postal 2 and Mafia are old games
T- Ninja Gaiden reviews aren't as glowing as anticipated
T- WiiFit impressions
T- When did gamers get so unrealistic about review scores?
T- Brawl needs fatalities? Really?
T- A look back on Shadow of the Colossus
T- Rough list of games that could meet Microsoft's XBLA delist criteria
T- Homebrew program for DS turns it into a music mixer
T- shitakemushroomninja bought Okami, which is a wise investment
T- Trouble Witches looks ADORABLE
T- What makes Soul Calibur IV limited edition so special?
T- 4knuckleshuffle remembers Chameleon Twist
T- Retro pisses Blake off
T- Faceless finished Lost Odyssey
T- Killer looking Halo 3 map
T- norm9 gives us his Mario Kart Wii impressions
D- Luc Bernard wants to know if you'd like Eternity's Child on XBLA and PSN

A- Some good game fanart here
A- Team Fortress 2 Heavy as a Big Daddy
A- Destructoid meets Metroid
M- Ukranian pop music
F- A review of Speed Racer
F- vn1977 gorged on anime this weekend

R- itemforty is selling his stuff
R- Recasting the episode of Bonus Round featuring David Hayter (for some reason)
V- Group of comic-related vids
V- Trailers for the next installment of The GameBoys
C- Silencers for Rock Band Drums
C- Weak intro is weak

F- The Zune gamers are all in the forums
F- You gon' get banned

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