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CBlogs of 5.21.2008

I totally screwed up something work-related which has resulted in my having two days with nothing to do. So, I picked up the Penny Arcade game today to waste one of them with. It almost made me late in finishing this.

I'll be posting a review of the PA game in a few hours. For now, however, le Recap:

*- I might not be European, but this would have to be useful information if I were.
*- Thanks for the card, GHost
*- Interesting stuff on racial stereotypes in japanese culture

A- Where will 3D gaming hardware go next, and why should we care? (Professor Pew)
A- Crappy video game birthday parties (pendelton21)
A- Matlocking Dr. Boa further (NihonTiger90)
A- Game On show in Melbourne gives a history of gaming (soul3150)
S- That SLiFE: 003 (SLiFE)
M- Another Mega Man entry (Zero Atma)
M- It takes balls to suggest changes to Chrono Trigger (too bad all robotbebop asks for is a remake)
M- NihonTiger90 is braver with The Legend of Zelda
M- Mario Kart might benefit from some new ideas (Shin Oni)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- Age of Conan Drinking Contest (Ends 5.31)
E- I must have forgotten about this contest king3vbo won

E- More vids of the Baltimore NARP
E- Australian Dtoiders meeting up for Indiana Jones
E- Any SF Dtoiders going to Fanimecon?
F- Wednesday Night Whatever
S- Part 2 of the Dtoid FapFiction
S- Brian Keljore got a piece of paper that states he's eligible to be a wage slave until he's 65
C- DanMazkin is entering a GH3 tourney
C- michiyoyoshiku is having a mid-mid-mid-life crisis of some kind
I- Welcome Rammstein
RIP- Another dead... Wii???

N- Dragon Quest DS titles coming to America
N- Amazon deal on wireless Guitar Hero III bundle (you missed it)
N- Then Amazon had Rock Band for PS2 (you missed that too)
N- Capcom vs. Tatsunoko announced
N- Signup for Battlefield Heroes beta
N- Left 4 Dead might get dedicated servers
V- Edgeworth and Wright made in Soul Calibur character creator
V- First pi[Guitar Hero World Tour[/i] trailer
V- Zero Punctuation hits Painkiller
T- Realistic Goomba
T- For minor complaints about GTA IV, there sure is a lot of text here
T- More GTA IV complaints
T- Any PAL gamers want the demo of Dr. Mario WiiWare?
T- XYU takes a look at old PC game Sanitarium
T- Impressions of new Dragon Ball Z game
T- Wii Fit impressions
T- DC characters that should be in Mortal Kombat vs. DC
T- In defense of pokemanz
T- An ancient, handheld Donkey Kong hockey game
T- Thoughts on Windjammers for Neo Geo
T- Doubts on the future of Firefly MMO
T- Your GameStop might have leftover [i]R-Type Command
T- Demo impressions of Penny Arcade game
T- CNet out of touch with console sales realities?
T- As stupid as the policy is, it isn't really Microsoft's fault that people report "gay" seeming names
T- Age of Conan impressions

A- M. Destructoid? Awesome.
A- Genki-JAM shares some childhood wonderment
F- Simon Pegg has written a script about comic book geeks
F- HD film releases of the week
F- Thoughts on the new Batman and Indy flicks
L- Indiana Jones 4 review
F- First images of Tekken movie
S- tornotlukin shows of some new shirts

L- Liquid Bleach: It does a body good
L- Plot of skate 2
L- This is terrifying
L- Superman is still a dick
R- That's a lot of time
R- Some custom game covers
R- With Jack Thompson possibly going to lose his license, what will gamers do?
V- Collegehumor.com stealing from Workmeng?
V- The late night shows tackle Grand Theft Auto IV with mixed results
?- I can't believe I'm saying this: tl;dr

S- Yes, we know Niko doesn't deserve royalties
S- I think this is slow.
S- I'm sure this is, at least.
S- Also slow
S- Infinite Discovery is old news indeed
F- Forums, please
F- Wii/Casual Gaming trolling
F- The forums must be too realistic and disturbing for this post.
F- Troll somewhere else.
F- You're not a journalist and, unless you're going to write some content, this belongs in forums
F- I would have asked this in the forums as well

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