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CBlogs of 5.20.2008 + Zimmerisms + Lesbians


The internet is a really weird place, isn't it?

Now that we've got that depraved image out of the way, it's time for the recap. Zimmerisms shall follow the other, much more kickass blogs of the day.

*- galagabug has a damn good idea here
*- This is some riotously funny stuff
*- I think we can all agree that Megaman needs an overhaul and here's some good possibilites on how (Tubatic's Monthly Musing)

A- A look at "Social Gaming" and its place in the entertainment landscape
S- RetRose Tinted: Cool Spot
S- Gaming Toys You're Gonna Want 8: Marvel Vs. Capcom
M- Metroid is due for some adjustment, far as NihonTiger90 is concerned
M- Assassin's Creed is in dire need of some change (Justice)
M- coonskin05 tackles the mighty beast of RPGs, Final Fantasy
P- FAILCAST doesn't know what they're recording tonight

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
E- Brandon Undead has chosen the winner of his old shirt

E- Video montage of the Baltimore NARP
S- My GTA IV sinks to a new low
C- The GHost has new community cards
H- Skribble made his pad swank

N- Splinter Cell: Conviction may be put on hold
N- Musical acts appearing at PAX
N- GameStop giving away shirt and character code with LEGO Indiana Jones pre-order
N- Haze gets a brutal raping from IGN
N- The Cars self-titled album coming to Rock Band next week
N- New screenshots of Haruhi Wii Dancing
N- Warhawk gets an update
N- Europe able to get the gunmetal grey PS3?
N- Eternity's Child coming to Steam
V- Geoff griefs on CoD4
T- Getting a gunmetal grey PS3 looks difficult and expensive
T- OhJAM is pondering SHMUPS
T- Bitching about bitching about fanboys
T- Haze characters look suspiciously like third-rate Superman villain
T- Metal Gear Online countdown widget
T- 4knuckleshuffle finally got his hands on No More Heroes
T- European impressions of WiiWare titles
T- Will Little Big Planet be able to police itself for offensive content?
T- covah's gonna drink the Wii Fit Kool-aid
T- Gaming online isn't as fun as gaming with real people
T- Vivi's origins in Final Fantasy IX an under-appreciated masterpiece of storytelling?
T- mamadonna81 finished Phantom Hourglass, has nothing to play now
T- 4knuckleshuffle doesn't understand the popularity of pokemanz

F- lucbernard comes to Uwe Boll's defense, further proof he's gone off the deep end
F- More concerns regarding Prince of Persia film, Gemma Arterton is hot

L- The blog editing link is missing but BlindsideDork shows you how to get around it
R- Gorglenox: The more you know
V- Old GlaDOS song is old
V- Butmac covers a Flight of the Conchords song

F- Oh, a Rick Roll. You're so clever.
F- Ben Bones wanted to hide his shame. It's not very effective.
F- Oooh! Haven't seen a "test" post in a while.
F- You thought you smelled Neiro, but it was coming from the front page
F- Forums: for all your c-blog error needs

I'm headed up to the Great White North in a couple of weeks and it's really got me under the gun. We'll be visiting family and such for ten days, four of which will have me almost completely without internet. Which means no Destructoid. Which means unimaginable horror.

Plus, while the place we're staying at will be connected in some way to a series of tubes, I have no idea what the situation will be like, let alone have time to do my blogging. So, I've been trying to get three weeks worth of posts ahead of where I need to be (minus the Recaps which will, obviously, not be done by me at that time... you lucky devils, you) and I'm having a really hard time focusing on the task.

I typically work well under pressure. The difference is that I usually only have one thing that I'm deadlining under at a time. To get half a dozen things done (plus some other little projects) is a bit intimidating. I start on one, then get distracted and work on something else for a bit. The whole "Sword of Damocles looming" thing is frustrating as hell and I just want it all done.

So, when you guys have a ton of work to do, how do you manage to get it finished on schedule? I'm probably going to be up all night, right until the time we leave for the airport, trying to grind through. Sleep on the plane, I always say.

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