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CBlogs of 5.19.2008

A little later than usual tonight, I'm afraid. The search for my missing GTA IV has been consuming all of my time and, to be honest, I'm exhausted. But I'm supposed to hearing from Darious later tonight, so I'm hoping he has new information.

In the meantime, here's what went down in the blogs today:

*- I adore this Metal Gear Solid intro (CyberVR)
*- And people say we play games because we want to experience violent realities (JACK of No Trades)
*- Another awesome booster pack of Dtoid cards from The GHost
*- I realize how stupid this is, but I can't wipe the wry smile off my face

A- Sterling writes Silent Hill fanfiction and turns on the entire community
A- Y0j1mb0 vigorously defends Haze from the haters and assaults the idea of hating itself
S- Time again for that ever-present question: What'd You Get? (NihonTiger90)
M- Animated Trigger things his ideas would improve on Sin & Punishment

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
E- Batthink's T-Shirt Contest winners announced

E- Baltimore NARP was apparently epic.
E- Pics. It did happen. (Baltimore NARP)
E- DtoidCincinnati NARP info now on front page.
S- My GTA IV has gone AWOL!
C- A match made in... stickam?
C- Forums tab missing from front page, Niero be making more changes
C- coonskin's giving the Dtoid community a tugjob. Thanks!
H- jpitner went shopping for an HDTV and scored big time
H- free touch has a nice collection going here

N- Amazon's Deals of the Day on Wednesday will be video game related
N- Pennywise to appear in Rock Band
N- This week's VC and WiiWare releases
N- Big sale at Best Buy stores in Canada
N- Arcade developer Galeco giving away rom of latest game to MAME scene
N- List of E3 2008 attendees
V- Video of Killzone 2 with developer commentary
V- skate 2 teaser trailer is, umm, teasing?
V- Liv Tyler's new Brain Age 2 ad
V- Gameplay footage of The Dog Island
R- Forgotten Worlds is awesome. (Stanley Pain)
R- Ikari Warriorsdoesn't hold up under modern scrutiny (Procyon)
T- Qraze loves him some GTA IV
T- Clance shares a hilarious GTA IV moment
T- Tekken fan site keeps your characters from looking stupid
T- Browser game puts a jetpack on a Brontosaurus
T- New features of Assassin's Creed Directors Cut won't come to PCs, internet doesn't seem to care
T- Playing games instead of being responsible is fun!
T- Age of Conan will rape and pillage your hard drive space
T- Japanese laserdisc games
T- Is EA no longer evil?
T- Uber-detailed post regarding new features in Guitar Hero IV
T- Hard GTA IV mission is hard
T- Rock Revolution might not be able to stand up to the big boys

A- STUVNING made a case insert for a 360 game without a disc (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
M- GeneralWong listens to music, and here's what he listens to
F- BigPopaGamer reviews The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
F- Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia? Ugh.
S- This is one incredible action figure
S- Left4Dead shirt now in Valve store; overpriced

L- Personal ads as written by Team Fortress 2 classes
R- Moltar found some weird crap in his garage
R- milescosmo is going to Singapore to buy games (and maybe do watch women fire ping pong balls from their vag)
R- Car rant
R- Youtube suspending accounts of game reviewers
V- The GameBoys are not funny and neither is this
V- World of Wifecraft
V- Man dressed as Indy runs from LEGO boulder
V- Alternate ending to Transformers
C- blah blah Sephiroth, blah blah Banjo Threeie
C- Something about getting further in Ikaruga; badly needs grammar
V- Litany of stupid videos

F- Bitching about the temporary Rick Astley appearance on the f/p
F- Forums, please
F- The sad part is that he won't be able to see that he failed.

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