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CBlogs of 5.14.2008


Goddamn. ceark really is awesome, isn't he? And he's doing a painting of me next, which has me so goddamn excited that I have a permanent erection. It's really making life difficult for me. But, at least my junk isn't shaped like a thumb.

At any rate, here's your recap. ceark takes over again tomorrow, so I'll see you on Monday.

*- ceark has finished his painting of Rio in Persona 3. It is mindblowing.
*- British to English translation: STFUAJPG
*- A reasoned defense in favor of game designers being hardcore gamers

A- Another article on gaming being accepted as valid form of entertainment; not bad but nothing new
M- Sharpless has changes in mind for Team Fortress 2

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- T-shirt Contest (Ends 5.18)
C- Be EternalDeathSlayer's clown for Wii points (Ends 5.15)

E- Baltimore/DC NARP details
F- Wednesday Night might not be WarCawks
S- zeph finds some bargains at Goodwill, thanks to Dyson's advice
C- A Humble Mr. Perfect wanted a new avatar and the community leapt into action
C- power-glove gets props from other gaming site, uses his GH IV drums post as source
C- electrolemon believes he's matlocked the identity of Dr. Boa
RIP- Spider Pig's 360 bites it.

N- Potential list of features in 360 spring update
N- Now SNK isn't closing? Who do I believe?!
N- Itagaki claims to be done with Ninja Gaiden series
N- Famitsu has new info and screens of Resident Evil 5
N- Iwata tells investors that Wii's going to be around a long time
N- Castle Crashers is finished, now fixing bugs
N- Super Dodge Ball rated by ESRB for Wii
N- 360 hits 10,000,000
N- Interview with ClffyB supplies new Gears of War 2 info
N- Most recognizable UK brand launches site of crappy flash games
N- Scans of new [i]Soul Calibur IV[/b] melons... I mean character
T- PSTriples get another firmware update
R- Harmonix survey asks about price for Rock Band 2
V- New vids from EA's Spring Break event
V- Blowing up a Megaman sprite in Boom Blox
V- Another MadWorld video (also taken down now)
V- Zero Punctuation assaults and batters Grand Theft Auto
V- Fan's mashup video of Megaman and Earthbound
V- Rather amusing vid comparing GT5 Prologue with Grid
R- tomippen reviews Lost Winds
T- A case of gaming ADD
T- Mr Dimples is annoyed with Rock Band guitar virtuosos
T- Anticipation level for KOF XII is lukewarm
T- Games industry in New York is surprisingly small
T- Assault Heroes 2 impressions
T- More Assault Heroes 2 impressions
T- WiiWare's Pop blows, and I'm not talking about the bubbles
T- Droll questions whether Bioshock can be capably adapted to film
T- Rabdt gets his Rock Band disc all scratched up
T- Concerns about Too Human being a load abound
T- Force Unleashed not coming to PC, I snigger a little
T- Death of The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a powerful moment indeed
T- Somebody who actually liked Castlevania 64? Say it ain't so.
T- Mario Kart Wii drives men to madness
T- Dainels85 would very much appreciate a 3D Pokemon game worth playing
T- Games make Marioland LOL
T- SLiFE tells us about everything he's done this week
T- More thoughts on Lost Winds

F- I don't know why I put a post about Point Break 2 into "Culture", but here it is
S- R-Type R-9 model overpriced on eBay
S- Genki-JAM got some Dtoid prizes in the mail

L- D&D/Seinfeld comic
L- More spoofing of that stupid PS3 ad
L- That's a ... I don't know what that is
L- People have said this is funny.
R- The Large Hadron Collider is going online, we're fucked
R- Dude gets drunk, dons Darth Vader costume, attacks "Jedi"
R- Complaints about the watering down of Scrubs on E4
R- Spiderpig writes an poem for his RRoD 360
V- Will it Blend: GTA IV edition
C- Mike Patton plays Rockband. As cool as he is, I'm not sure why I should care.
?- Spielberg, BioShock and the 15th level? I'm confused.

F- Pics or it didn't happen
F- Can you take your DS into the forums? No? How about just this post then?
F- You know, you could have just edited your previous post about this to reflect the new information
F- Maybe I'm being too critical, but this is hardly what I'd consider a "review".
F- After this, though, I feel vindicated
F- Trust me, this blog isn't going to attract any more attention to the issue.
F- Fuck you and your whining, you brought it on yourself
F- Another spam acount needs banning
F- Failing at introduction
F- I think this was supposed to be funny, but it just fails. And it's slow. Double-whammy!
F- More shameless promotion of other sites

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