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CBlogs of 5.13.2008 + Recap-Related Zimmerisms


This recap be bumpin'. After we see all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things which have come down the pipe today, I have a question that I'd appreciate it if I could get some answers to. On to the recap!

*- Yes. This is why SEGA is failing.
*- In an unlikely turn of events, Rorshach has left me speechless.

A- Airships throughout gaming history (Shipero)
A- It's a long post about how review scoring doesn't work. Nothing new, but it's well-written enough (Mutant Pope)
A- Yojimbo discusses what's in a name
S- RetRose Tinted: Kung-Fu Heroes (Conrad Zimmerman)
M- OrangeGoblin talks about making changes to a game which constantly changes (WarioWare)
M- Marioland wants to make the Wii interface better
M- Shin Oni loves Shinobi, and rightly so. Still, it could always be better.

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- T-shirt Contest (Ends 5.18)
C- xMalachi is giving away Call of Duty 4 maps

E- Info on the Texas NARP in late July
F- TFTuesday!
S- Photo-laden post depicting horrible car accident. Ascythopicism's girlfriend is hot.
C- Dtoid Leaderboard "reach" a mystery still out of... Let's not go there.
I- Mave says hello by copypasta but it's better than what we often get
I- BeZen makes a point to mention his old-skool cred
I- DtoidChicago hits the scene for your Windy City NARP needs
B- It's vonrichter's birthday. Just as importantly, he namedrops his Metroid: SR388 fangame that we're clamoring for.
B- And birthday greetings to unstoppablejuggernaut as well.
RIP- manasteel88 mourns another red ringed 360

N- More leaked info on Banjo Threeie (which I will persist in calling it) and Viva Pinata 2
N- Europeans get raped in the wallet again, this time over MGS4 special edition
N- Europe gets uncharacteristically strong WiiWare launch lineup, though.
N- Penny Arcade Adventures releases next week on XBLA
N- Atlus announces another new game, Zoids Assault
V- taumpytears didn't like the cinematic MGS4 trailer
V- MadWorld looks to be gory fun, but you can't watch the video anymore.
V- Banjo Threeie gameplay footage has the community conflicted
V- This is an object lesson for Neversoft on drum charts
V- Video review of Sin and Punishment, which you can't hear over the game.
R- BlindsideDork loves him some Defend Your Castle
T- All this talk about the driving in GTA IV sucking makes me wonder a bit
T- A good analysis of the new Guitar Hero IV drums that I'm not going to buy anyway
T- Too Much Coffee Man provides evidence that the GameTrailers incident was an error and not conspiracy
T- Amazon Deal of the Day sucks, but -D-'s found a better option
T- A list of games Animated Trigger wrote which blehman salvaged from the fail pile
T- And then ZeroSignal620 shows us how it's done
T- Tubatic might be a wage slave by day but, at night, he's a king (Final Fantasy CC: My Life as a King)
T- More whining and footstomping about a game for which we have astonishingly little details (Banjo Threeie)
T- Rant: XYU is about to give up on the Wii
T- Someone's actually excited about Assault Heroes 2?
T- Butmac fantasizes about Flight of the Conchords appearing as Rock Band DLC
T- Another voice of approval for Lost Winds
T- brainderailment isn't a zombie yet in GTA IV and is uncertain why
T- What does WiiWare need? Harvest Moon.
T- Lost Winds is SHORT
T- Awesome tips every developer seems to already be following anyway
T- drogaz1 comes to Banjo Threeie's defense
D- Lord Regulus announces that he's working on a new game
D- Luc Bernard talks current status of his projects

A- zoraboy drew Niko and it's quite good
A- New 3D models from JACK of No Trades, plus the classics
M- The jazz station in GTA IV is recommended as a good starting place for jazz n00bs
M- sonicmario lays down a sweet trance remix of Galaga music
F- A wall of text decrying Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

L- Side-by-side photo comparisons made me giggle
L- Games based on MGS4 forthcoming... don't tell me some of you fell for this
R- cskozmo tries Ubuntu, disappointed that it's not a new sexual position
R- Link to a photo album comparing Liberty City locations with NYC ones
V- A bit of Eddie Izzard stand-up
V- Probably fake vid of news reporter hit by minivan
?- Thumbpenis in PSTriple ad

V- Colette is on Screwattack's Hard News and, if I could just editorialize for a second here, this show is horrible. The host is horrible. The writing that the horrible host is horribly reading from horrible cue cards is horrible. Colette is adorable.

S- You must have just missed that other blog three below yours.
F- Hi, NatePribble. Let me show you where we keep the forums.
F- This account really should be banned, as it's obviously a spammer.
F- This should be a comment on another post, dumbass.
F- My response to this admittedly pointless post? Fail.
F- You might not be in school right now, but you are in a place populated (somewhat) with grown-ups. Act accordingly.
F- Posting shit from your other blog here isn't going to get us to visit your other blog. Just stop it.
F- This wasn't funny when it was believable. It's much, much less funny now.
F- Ask a stupid question, get the forums answer.

I've been doing recaps for a little over a month now, and a few people have mentioned to me that I tend to post them rather early. It was not without some thought that I started putting the post up around this time. I sorta figured midnight on the east coast was appropriate, since it originated in Florida. But there's a number of people who post late into the night who might then have to wait considerably longer to show up in a recap.

I'll put the question to you guys. Am I posting these too early? Would you prefer if I had them up at a different time? When do you read your recap? It doesn't really make a bit of difference to me, as I usually work on it throughout the day. It can go up at any time. And, after all, I live to serve. Comments appreciated.

On a related note, since I've realized now that it has been over a month, I'd just like to say that it's still fun for me. I really enjoy reading the things you have to write about with relatively few exceptions. So, thank you, Destructoid. You continue to provide me with hours of entertainment and, in all probability, brain damage.

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