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CBlogs of 5.12.2008

"I am not interested in recap for recap's sake, but I'm interested in recap that is moral, that is right and that is good." - Martin Luther Robot Jr.

Tonights recap is dedicated to GynecologistCobra, who stood up today and declared that he doesn't need the oppression of Grand Theft Auto IV and has shown solidarity for his brothers who refuse to give in when society turns a blind eye to pain. Right on, my brother.

Other than that, good day in the blogs. I'm not going to try to be too witty right now, as I have a lot of other writing I want to get done tonight and, well, it's recap time. See you tomorrow.

*- Exceptional post regarding the purpose of the Electronic Software Association (HarassmentPanda) FRONTPAGED, MOFOS! TASTE, I HAZ IT!

*- GynecologistCobra joins the ranks of those Dtoiders who have taken a vow of GTA chastity. Oh, and some Mirror's Edge impressions.

S- This Week's Sunday Ads (ConradZimmerman)
S- Beattoid: Lee Kyung-Won (NihinTiger90)
S- Part one of a series on FPRPGs on PC (Perry Simm)
S- Time once again for What Did You Get? (NihonTiger90)
S- Bargain Bin Laden: Call of Duty 2 (Heretic)
M- In a sure to be controversial move, Wardrox wants to improve Bioshock
M- Burnout Paradise is what Kif would like to see changed
M- razerangel wants to change skate
M- I agree with Koopa13, that Fable needs some changes
M- milescosmo adds to the flood and offers suggestions for Mass Effect

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 5.31)
C- T-shirt Contest (Ends 5.18)
C- Persona 3 FES Project Festival Contest
E- MissHinasaki REALLY wants Persona 3 FES
E- Yashoki's prize-winning comment finally bore fruit, patch has arrived
D- DeadHead8 got his dtoid patch too

E- Workmeng really seems to be raising the bar with these Cinci NARPs
F- PS3 Poker Night is giving away Disgaea 2
C- NegFactor is moving so we might not see him for a bit
C- jpitner has his computer running again
C- Gasp! Advertising on a gaming website? Get over it.
C- GynecologistCobra haz taste too. Digg Harassment Panda's article.
I- BA Chieftain joins the fray
I- I like it when I don't have to put intro posts into Fail. Here's ZeroSignal620
I- And this is Stanley Pain
B- Happy Birthday hoygeit!
RIP- Vexed Alex loses his 360 and his dog, dog later found

N- Prize winning thesis suggests video games teach useful skills
N- Avalon Code announced. New RPG for DS looks promising
N- Burnout Paradise to come to PC
N- New issue of Game Informer has details on Guitar Hero IV
N- First pics of the new Guitar Hero IV drums
V- Metal Gear Spanish
V- Resistance 2 Multiplayer footage
V- Vids of an early build of Chibi-Robo, originally concieved as point-and-click adventure
R- Mappy Land for NES gets reviewed
T- New screenshots of Banjo Threeie
T- Yes, renting GTA IV was a bad idea.
T- Lost Odyssey impressions (which I didn't read because I'm about to start playing it)
T- sfrank has some suggestions for Banjo Threeie
T- The Haze demo is good but not amazing
T- More Haze demo impressions
T- Leaked screens of Viva Pinata 2 make my fiance more excited than I ever could
T- Lengthy wishlist of features for future GTA titles
T- First MGS4 Review hits
T- I was sure somebody had to miss Halo 2
T- Price drops at Best Buy on No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki
T- Pics of a Tetris board game, more examples in the comments
T- Viewtiful Joe 2 for only $6 at Amazon today!
T- Help Fuzzy figure out how to spend his economic stimulus check
T- Impressions of WiiWare's LostWinds
T- More on Lost Winds
T- nilcam says Lost Winds ups the stakes for Wii developers, both WiiWare and proper
T- Assorted impressions
T- A laundry list of Halo desires
T- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life As A King is longest game title ever. Also, impressions
T- More thoughts on WiiWare, this time it's the Tower Defense clone
T- Looking back briefly at the original Spider-Man for PSOne
T- Some impressions of the only Oddworld game I haven't played yet (Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath)
T- Final Fantasy: Crisis Core sucks, according to Spectral

A- Winning entries in the DeviantArt Okami contest
F- FLS119 Contemplates the future of Marvel properties in film

L- 13 year-old has hookers play Halo with him
L- Wardrox's video comparison of GTA on PS3 and 360
L- Har har har.
R- Poorly formatted copypasta (most of the blame going to Niero for that) regarding Immersion's patent rights and the use of their technology in teledildonics
V- Old Plasmatics video, watch if you like blowing shit up
V- I think these are dance moves.
V- Superbad's McLovin' reminds us that DVD piracy is bad

S- Repost of the Banjo Threeie pics. Banjo's still blocky.
F- You thought this wouldn't be read? Foolish mortal!
F- It pains me to fail a blog about Ghostbusters footageSo, click this instead and watch the vid
F- You're severly underestimating this generation of consoles
F- Clever fail is fail nonetheless
F- PROTIP: Sneak the promoting of your new blog into some actual content to avoid failing
F- Definition of n00b: It's you, or you wouldn't have posted this crap
F- More bitching and moaning about ads on Dtoid
F- It's a good post, but you're just spamming your blog and that pisses me off.
F- Beatlesfan94 wants to know if you're buying Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (I'm not and you should ask the forums)
F- Forums please

F- You asked for it, FinalFist. And here it is. Your post sucks. Don't bitch about the limited ads that pay for the awesomeness you get for free.

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