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CBlogs of 4.30.2008

No images, no commentary. Just straight-up recap for you. I'm pretty busy tonight working on some stuff, so I'm just throwing it out here. You've got ceark again tomorrow. Enjoy.

*- VirtualGirl's interview with the Parents Television Council is interesting.
*- Tribute to Albert Hofmann
*- See? It's crap like this that'll keep me from getting into political office

A- The evolution of health systems (Sharmsie)
A- Why do we give games numbers on a rating scale? (Zac Bentz)
A- Gamerankings puts GTA above Ocarina of time. Is it deserving? (Mite000)
A- Top Ten most anticipated games for PS3
M- "We should have shotguns for this shit" (Dexter345)
M- Omnipotence is good too. (NihonTiger90)
M- Dynasty Warriors piece not written by Sterling?! (Faceless)
M- Level far beyond what's necessary (Deftone)
M- James Bond post-Goldeneye (Cowzilla3)
M- Buying all the Rock Band DLC (power-glove)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.30)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Does it Suck? contest (Ends 4.30)
E- Does Earth Defense Force 2017 Suck? (cjpkiller)
E- How about Two Worlds?(FlatTopJesus)
E- Maybe Tech Romancer?
E- Does it Suck? Contest extended 12 hours

E- The DtoidNY crew is going to the movies
F- Wednesday Night WarCawks
C- Butmac's in a gaming lull.
C- Boolean has decided he likes us now
I- DToidLA reminds us that they're there
I- A decent intro
I- The Dark Prince introduces himself
H- mix shows us his crib
RIP- GTA claims another 360

N- TF2 Medic Update now available, TF2 Free weekend coming up
N- Hackers find way to modify Virtual Console to add new games
N- Save game analyzer for Burnout Paradise shows you what you missed
N- New screens of Ninja Gaiden 2
N- Diablo3.com announcement: The domain has been bought by Blizzard
V- New Haze video
V- Zero Punctuation slays the God of War
R- BlackSheep reviews that other game about driving cars (Mario Kart Wii)
T- A very long list of vonrichter's favorite games
T- Battle Phantasia demo on PSN is apparently pretty cool
T- Some infor on what's coming to Madden
T- D V L draws an analogy between gaming and livestock
T- Analysis of Brawl stages
T- Brief impressions of every Castlevania game
T- GoggolrAscendant projectile vomits Pokemon impressions (big block 'o text)
T- Metal Gear Online impressions from Koobert

F- BlindsideDork reviews Iron Man
F- Clock Tower film adaptation
F- This week's HD film releases
F- Romance of the Three Kingdoms anime is coming

L- Ambulance with a familar acronym
L- Poorly written Gamestop sign
L- Butmac gives us a comic
R- Fanboy ranting leads michiyoyoshiku to make his case for him
R- I still don't believe Thompson went through with the Podcastle interview
V- Penny-Arcade TV clips; watch Gabe draw
V- Headbutting dolphin
V- Old, banned 360 ad
V- What's sexier than a gorgeous blonde after a few rounds?
C- That's one cute puppy
R- Niero's working on the site tonight, some issues may occur.

S- Fan Created Sonic 2 remake we heard about earlier this week
S- We saw both of these Dark Knight trailers yesterday
F- entranger was a dick.
F- Then he apologized for being a dick by failing again.
F- Forums, please.
F- Hey, when am I gonna get another opportunity to fail Dale North?
F- Please stop pimping your site
F- Fail, slow, fail-fail, slow

IV- Impressions
IV- ajaxender hates following people around
IV- Skribble's impressions
IV- Simultaneous worldwide release, eh?
IV- Some freezing problems on PS3
IV- The first of four things Soulhammer has to say on the subject
IV- Multiplayer issues
IV- Some sweet promo stuff Nick got
IV- Comparisons drawn to Crackdown
IV- Something about bowling
IV- Mothers Against Drunk Driving enters plea for rating change
IV- How to cut down on your playtime
IV- Something ... odd
IV- Daily show clip
IV- Niko's a funny guy

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