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CBlogs of 4.29.2008 + Zimmerisms


Viva la Recap! I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but GTA IV released today. You know how I found out about it? Over 25% of the blogs today are GTA-related. Frankly, it's better than I thought it was going to be. The blogs, I mean. Not the game. Because I haven't played it yet.

Zimmerisms with valuable blog posting tip and money-saving coupons for products you use every day, after the recap.

*- This side-by-side comparison of Batman trailers is downright unnerving.
*- MaxVest gave me good reasons why I squandered my investment on GTA
*- I'm surfing this way forever now.
*- I miss Nerdcore

A- Investigative processes in Phoenix Wright outdated. (naia the gamer)
A- The Angry Gamer profile (razerangel)
S- DLC Do's and Don'ts (tomippen)
S- Control Freaks: The neGcon (njskyora)
S- RetRose Tinted: Strider (ConradZimmerman)
M- Marathon Sessions (Char Aznable)
M- Limitless Customization (Big Z)
P- Wardrox announces Jack Thompson to appear on Podcastle. I'll believe it when I hear it.

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.30)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Does it Suck? contest (Ends 4.30)

E- Quisling starts the madness of not playing GTA
E- Like an idiot, I followed suit. Fuck you dvddesign.
E- And then BFeld took the plunge.
E- Here comes Dexter.

E-Does Magical Starsign suck?
E-BlackSheep asks, Does it Suck? (Master of Illusion)

E- Reminder of huge LA NARP
E- Hey there, Dtoid. Wanna come out for dinner and a movie? (DtoidNY NARP)
F- Recap of PS3 Poker Night
F- TF Tuesdays
S- Brilliam describes the experience of buying GTA IV
C- NihonTiger's 360 is on the way back home
C- Johnny Blaze leaves us for college
C- European Dtoid MGO clan forming
B- Neonie's b-day

RIP- thebza's 360 red ringed on GTA

N- The BBC provides a balanced assessment of the GTA effect
N- Command and Conquer hits PSN
N- New info on Pixel Junk Monsters DLC
N- Fatal Intertia still coming to PSN
N- Magazine scans of new Prince of Persia
N- Earthbound voted game most desired on VC by Nintendo Power readers
V- Bunnies can't play Wii Fit
R- Phoenix Gamma digs Space Invaders Extreme
T- We need Kirby Wii to come stateside.
T- I miss Irene Lew too (Ninja Gaiden)
T- Heavenly Guardian impressions
T- New 2D fighter staring Izuna coming to Japan in July
T- WoW can ruin your other gaming experiences, kinda like having sex while on ecstacy.
T- Guitar Hero III widget, which I don't understand the point of
T- TF2 Map update
T- Pokemating rituals

F- New Dark Knight trailer (crappy cellphone quality)
F- Biohazard movie website up now
F- Joker scribbles all over alternate Dark Knight trailer

L- Are you a bad enough dolphin to kill the president?
R- dephect had a MGO beta key to give away
R- jpitner just got his PS3 returned to him
R- Nad Crusher has the best day ever
R- TheToiletDuck talks about his local arcade
R- Do you like your Solid Snake clean shaven or with a manly 5 o'clock shadow
V- Half-Life meets Mario 64
V- Old G.I. Joe commercials are awesome
V- Rather funny Pot Noodle ad
V- Spoof of There Will Be Blood
V- Video of news story about dolphin collision mentioned yesterday
R- Man trapped in elevator with diarrhea
V- Long video is long with minimal payoff.
?- lucbernard has finally snapped.

S- A shitton of two year-old E3 Photos. Big whoop.
F- Why I failed your blog
F- Faily McFailenstein
F- Do people just not know what the forums are for?
F- Then why did you bother to post now instead of when you can speak on specifics?
F- Photo and one-line insufficient. Oh, and it's not funny

IV- Sterling's impressions
IV- More of Jim's impressions
IV- Discussion of GTA reviews
IV- Another person excited for the game
IV- Thoughts about the resolution differences between PS3 and 360
IV- ProfPew's review
IV- Something about the map
IV- A look back on classic GTA music
IV- Story of the midnight release
IV- Get your priorities straight, Debbie! (why this is funny to me)
IV- Surveying kids at GTA release
IV- How did Saint's Row influence GTA IV?
IV- Probably lulz
IV- Side-by-side PS3 and 360 vids
IV- 100% GTA in a week and Rockstar'll give you a lil sumpin
IV- DaedHead's impressions
IV- Gas is cheap in Liberty City
IV- Now we all know that Hamza keeps his cash in his GTA lockbox.

This is going to be old hat to a lot of you, but I thought I'd point it out for the benefit of new users.

So, let me fill you in on how the recap gets done when I do it. Each day, when I drag myself out of bed and to the computer, I go over all the blogs that posted while I was asleep. From that point on, I repeatedly recheck the blogs (often a several times an hour), reading posts as they come and compiling the recap blog post as I go along. This lets me have everything together for when I'm ready to post so that I can have it up sometime around midnight (ET).

It's not without its flaws, however. Sometimes I miss blogs. One of the ways I miss them is that some blogs don't go right to the top of the list but hover as many as six below, particularly on busy days like Monday. Have you ever noticed that when you post a blog that you're not the most recent post? It's typically not because someone finished before you, but because of a timestamp that is applied to your post at the moment you click "Create New Blog".

So, if you create a new blog, type-typing away at the in-browser editor, there's a fair chance that your post will be pushed down the list by someone who just tossed an image into their post or only wrote a couple of sentences. And then I don't see your post because it's below ones I've already read. So, what can you do to make sure your posts wind up at the top of the list, make it into the recap and spend the maximum amount of time in the view of your fellow Dtoiders?

Use a plain-text editor of some kind when you write your posts, particularly ones you plan to spend any time working on. I usually just use Notepad. Here, you can write at your leisure without any concern as to when you post it. When it's ready, just cut and paste your post into the Dtoid text editor and it'll be right at the top.

Oh, and I lied about the money-saving coupons. See you all tomorrow.

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