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CBlogs of 4.22.08


Sorry this is coming in a little later than usual tonight. Goddamn, what a phenomenal day this has been. Announcements of new Earthworm Jim, Splatterhouse and Tecmo Bowl? Be still my heart. And we had some really great blogs come through, including the very best introduction I think I've ever seen. Your recap awaits, ladies and gents.

Oh, before I forget: I scored a code for the Metal Gear Online beta tonight. Since I don't have a PS3, I might as well pass it on to one of you. If you want it, convince me in the comments why you should have it and I'll give it to whoever's the most convincing.

*- This game is really, really good and you should download it immediately
*- Workmeng is awesome
*- This is what I need to be doing so I can be a famous blogger
*- For everyone who plans to introduce themselves in the blogs, this is how you do that shit.

A- 4 Untapped Gaming Markets (michiyoyoshiku)
A- Green Gaming (teach4food)
S- Tales of the misinformed masses regarding video games and violence
S- RetRose Tinted: DuckTales (Conrad Zimmerman)
S- Sadie G shows us her sensitive side with this Monthly Musing
M- Ali D has no shame
M- Kryptinite loves his Collector's Editions
M- HEADSHOT! (ToeKing)
P- FAILCAST episode 7 records tonight

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

E- Video of Workmeng from after the Cinci NARP playing Brawl
F- TF Tuesdays going Orange like Clockwork
D- DToiders descend on NYC
H- Happyhead's camera may not be great, but his setup certainly is

N- Playstation Home delay which will probably result in a lot of slow posts later in the recap
N- Comic writing genius Grant Morrison wants to get into games
N- Amazon going to have bargain prices on DS games Friday
N- UK rating of MGS4 mentions rape
N- Countdown on diablo3.com not leading to Diablo 3 announcement
N- Linden Labs has new CEO
N- Tecmo Bowl's coming back too?!
N- Awesome GH II bundle deal at Best Buy
V- Marvel/DC Zombies MUGEN project
V- River City Ransom rules, which is the only reason this blog doesn't fail
V- GTA IV unboxing pr0n
V- Gyrostarr for WiiWare looks pretty sweet
V- Half-Life RTS mod
V- The dancing is the deepest part of this game... oh Jesus, why?
V- Some vids of sweet, rom-hacked goodness
R- Professor Layton and the Curious Village review
R- Armed and Dangerous
T- TNA Impact concerns
T- NihonTiger has finished Subspace Emissary and obviously has more patience than I
T- Lost Odyssey impressions
T- Hands-on with Target: Terror results in hilarity
T- Matering Dragonforce on GHIII
T- milecosmo inexplicably likes Just Cause
T- Can anyone pull off a successful beta on a console?
T- Will Bourne Conspiracy be quality? It's starting to look that way
T- Again, Bourne Conspiracy is looking pretty good.
T- Abyss looks like it might be worth a play
T- Where would you like to see a new Golden Sun land?
T- Collection-based games are out of vogue, but why?
T- DryvBy has trouble getting Mario Kart Wii (but he's a bit early, isn't he?)
T- Cute flash game called Doeo
T- Some pros and cons in Mario Kart Wii
T- Breath of fresh air: jpitner has a positive warranty repair experience
T- Patapon impressions
T- Someone else is playing Brawl. Yay.
T- An overview of the Dragon Quest series
D- The new Turok sucks, as I'm sure you're aware

M- GuitarAtomik's first live I KILL PIXLS gig in Sarasota on Thursday
L- Yeah. That's right, I gave this a literature tag. Go see why.
L- Why does Michael Crichton suck now? Because he can.
S- Mr Wilson gets a good deal on obsolete hardware
S- Incomplete Atari Cabbage Patch Kids game found at flea market
S- An SMB mushroom toy thingy

L- Humorous GTA ad for NES version
R- Some kind of list of things this guy likes and doesn't like
R- This is the best thing I've ever seen relating to the PS3
R- Dtoiders rock at CoD4, apparently
R- Experiment finds weight loss from Wii playing
R- MGS4 360 spotted for pre-order on HMV website
V- Some pretty cool vids here
V- Ready for the zombie apocalypse?
V- FMV footage from FFVIII + Cranberries = tasty
V- BlindsideDork is on a real zombie kick today. These vids are Counterstrike: Source Zombie Panic! footage.
V- Save yourself the trouble of watching this video. It sucks.
V- New Mega 64 is hilarious
V- youkilledmyguy makes a special "home movie" with his lady (WoW)
V- Penny Arcade TV - Watch Gabe draw strips
V- How drugs made video games great
C- Rule of Rose coming to life?
?- ...

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