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CBlogs of 04.16.08

The Lord spake, saying, "Let there be recaps". And there was. And it was good.

As you heard from ceark yesterday, we've got a permanent schedule for the recaps now, which means I'm off until Monday. You've got ceark back again tomorrow, doing that voodoo that he does so well. But, for now, here's what went down in our fair hood today. No Zimmerisms today, but there'll be an extra special goodtime video after the recap.

*- Details on the new Halo maps that make me consider buying them
*- Cancun: Sterling drunk in a tub
*- This is gonna be a party MUST HAVE

S- I announce my impending suicide
S- Hot Piece of Flash: Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Deathmatch (pendelton21)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Viewtiful Joe Contest (Ends 4.18)

E- 360 Scavenger Hunt Contest reminder

N- Possible explanation of EU Brawl delay?
N- Metal Gear Online beta available for download early
N- UK OPM gives GTA perfect score
N- More details regarding OPM review
N- Gran Turismo coming to PC?
N- New unlockable medic weapons in TF2
N- Twilight Princess hack now making Wii region-free
N- Soul Calibur coming to XBLA and PSN
N- Canadians get Mario Kart Wii rebate offer
N- APB rumored to be heading to PS3
V- New Irish ad for GTA IV
V- Slightly longer version of previous ad
V- Zero Punctuation punctures Condemned 2
V- Painful video review of Mario Kart Wii + Heretic goes insane
V- New Naruto is graphically impressive
R- Mario Kart Wii
R- Bully Scholarship Edition (360)
R- Text-heavy coverage of Pursuit Force and its sequel Extreme Justice (PSP)
T- Quick and dirty solution for ALT=TABbing out of games
T- Rock Band LOVES the cock (rock)
T- See: John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
T- Another rant about players being assholes online
T- Losing save games is like losing a child
T- Soulhammer's been a busy monkey
T- An Ikaruga lament
T- Still more analysis of Brawl characters
T- 2008 is looking pretty good for the PS3
T- A conveniently organized list of links to UT3 content
T- Criticism levelled at Heavenly Sword
T- Are GameStop MGSO Beta codes coming up a few digits short?
T- The hard way to find out FFVII is overrated
T- Dunford gets whacked by nostalgia
T- More Brawl stage analysis
T- Nameless Ted gets excited over Things on Wheels
T- The progression of Guitar Hero and Rock Band in revolutionizing rhythm games
T- Details on the new Halo maps
T- Mew DLC for Super Stardust HD
T- The Club somehow went under the radar

A- Peach in her unmentionables, but at least it resembles a pin-up.
A- Psychonauts concept art
F- More details on the Ghost in the Shell film
F- Trailer for fan movie about Destro is creepy and weird
F- Pic of Scarlett in new G.I. Joe film
F- With Blu-Ray as the clear victor, does anyone care about it anymore?
S- Japan's Club Nintendo gets everything cool
S- MattFOO paints up some DC controllers

L- Play "Spot the Homie"
L- Dibs on Dangeresque!
R- A PSP or an Ipod Touch
R- These are the days of our lives
R- Chairs made of plush animals
R- entrager is looking for an artist to help with XNA game
R- Dale North has an adventure in his mouth
R- Things every gamer should do in their lifetime
V- The Onion is not funny in this video
V- Stupid, stupid Halo cartoon
V- Music video to Mortal Kombat film theme with assorted MK footage
V- "It's not habit-forming!"
CBB- I know nothing of sports games, so this means nothing to me. Expand, perhaps?

S- Everyone else has downloaded the beta already, where were you?
F- Quickly, Robin! To the forums!
F- God is most assuredly furious
F- I almost missed this post. Really wish I had.

And now, the wheel of fun!

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