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CBlogs of 04.15.08 + Zimmerisms

I come to bring the Recap, hardcore from the brain. Good day overall, lot of really good posts that are worth a look at. Pay particular attention to my last pick. She hath redeemed herself. Zimmerisms after our regularly scheduled programming:

*- Excellent comparison and analysis of three methods of scoring game reviews
*- Cute paper DS animation
*- How does dyslexia affect gaming? (PassionateStyos)
*- I loves me some blue bomber (though I think he's equipped with leaf shield)
*- Damn kids today are spoiled with their vidja games

*- d00b asks for direction on being accepted at Dtoid and the community responds in a helpful manner. This is how this is supposed to work.

S- Games that I Regret: Mission: Impossible (shipero)
S- RetRose Tinted: Maniac Mansion (ConradZimmerman)
M- Looting Bodies (Dogen)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C- Viewtiful Joe contest (ends 4.18)

F- TF Tuesdays, now with updated map pack!
F- PS3 Poker Night recap
B- MATTFOO had the best birthday evar!
H- bunnyrabbit 2 shows us his setup

N- PS3 update has descended
N- Legendary Map Pack for teh Haloez available now
N- Legendary Map Pack free with pre-order of Ninja Gaiden 2 at Circuit City
N- New screens of GTA IV HUD
N- Is the Rock Band price in Europe changing? (RUMOR)
N- Weekly XBox Live stats
N- Sim City box set comes with Spore Character Creat
V- Ton of vids from Nintendo Media Summit
R- Space Invaders Extreme
R- Interesting letter from Mizuguchi to fans of Rez
T- Brief notes on PSN Store and the pacing of Resistance
T- European Rock Band Survival Guide
T- Castle Crashers update reveals more about the game
T- triG can't resist the delicious taste of GTA IV
T- PC port of Assassin's Creed suffers major problems
T- The Wii Classic Controller is your favorite gamepad? Really?
T- Sharing (PSN games) is caring
T- Will reviewers give GTA IV criticism it may deserve?
T- Will The World Ends With You suck?
T- Detailed information on the Haloez map pack
T- More on the map pack
T- Sterling needs a job at Bungie designing sweet multiplayer maps
T- The world needs a Professional Tresling League
T- Comments on 2D graphics
T- In-depth coverage of Brawl stages
T- Squeenix working on to-secret MMO based around new IP?
T- Shmups I never played
T- More in-depth analysis of Brawl characters
T- Is Mario Kart Wii more challenging than past iterations?
T- I, too, am quite fond of the Robocop Vs. Terminator game
D- Luc Bernard to include level editor in Eternity's Child

A- Trailer for new Batman animated segue to Dark Knight
M- The Protomen fucking rule
F- BigPopa reviews Street Kings
F- And the writer of Street Kings is penning a Ghost in the Shell live-action script
F- This week in Blu-Ray
F- Review of The Forbidden Kingdom
S- Rio's made more Parappa hats!
S- That's the bomb... God, I'm so sorry for that one

R- Another nice collection of Capcom fighters
R- That's gonna make one sweet Tako King plushie
R- DeviantArt's Okami contest
V- Old video of hilariously devious SMB modded levels
R- mid3vol want's you to show him ur bombermanz
R- Get a free bluetooth headset
R- Butmac makes a Dtoid Wallpaper + CURLEH MUSTACHE
R- Rick Astley wants to give away his gold record
R- PopCap flying Bejeweled couple to Seattle as part of honeymoon
R- Make-Your-Own Superhero
R- There's no way this is serious
R- More reports of Dtoid $1 shirts coming in
V- Empire Strikes Back in 60 Seconds
V- I haven't seen this music video in a looooong time
C- Pew's back on Live with a new 360
C- Chad's had an emotional week

S- Posted days ago
S- Old vid is old
S- This was covered pretty extensively yesterday
S- Sorry, already read this one today
S- Yesterday, this was one of my picks. Today, it's old hat.
F- I do appreciate you hiding this, even though our comments were incredibly witty
F- With every post like this one, I die a little inside
F- You son of a bitch
F- No, you didn't need another blog but, now that you have one, could you at least use it properly?
F- Sure, I'll contact your ass. Let me just get my shoe phone.
F- Everybody bitches about how they don't need another blog, yet they persist in putting crap like this in them
F- Did Niero remove all links to the forums from the site and I just didn't notice?
F- Did another gaming site die or something? Is that why this is happening?
F- You lurked for six months and this is how you introduce yourself?

You ever have those injuries that it just makes no sense for you to have? Cuts or bruises that appear and you have no idea how it happened? A few years ago, I broke my wrist and had no clue what might have happened. It was a minor fracture, just a few bone chips that needed to work their way out of my arm but it hurt like hell and I couldn't lift more than a few pounds. The only thing the doctor could figure was that I'd smacked it against my headboard (while sleeping, perverts).

This is a new one for me, though. I've been having these sharp pains in my chest since the weekend and feels like it might be a bruised rib. But I'm one of the most sedentary people I know. There's only one logical explanation I can think of and, frankly, it seems a little far-fetched.

I had the flu a few weeks ago which really knocked my ass down for the count. After about five days of feeling like I'd been run over with a semi hauling gold bricks, I was finally able to do anything more than read Dtoid and sleep. The chest congestion was pretty bad still, though, and I was coughing constantly. No amount of Muscinex would loosen it up, so I just kept coughing violently for hours at a time. It doesn't seem possible, but I think that's how it happened. Which means I may have damaged my internal organs. Isn't that fun?

Anyway, I'm gonna go have some ice cream, maybe a chocolate malt. After all, ice cream fixes everything. If you're all really good (and I get a few things done) I might have an announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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