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CBlogs of 04.13.08

Oh, yeah, baby. It's recap time. There might be Zimmerisms in a couple hours, as I'm having a really interesting discussion about how kids today are absolute wimps compared to when I was young. We'll see.

*- I always love watching Teta draw some Destructoid.
*- B-Radicate needs some quick advice and I've never seen this issue before.
*- Fear of Customer Service (Nick Chester)

A- Defending N'Gai (Bus)
S- Licensed Games That Don't Entirely Suck (Mxyzptlk)
M- Wrestling Games (Brilliam)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)

E- Audiosurf Contest Week 8 Song

E- Cancun: CharlieSuh gives us the last of his vacation photos
F- Tomorrow is PS3 Poker Night!
C- The StickAm'rs create pillow forts
C- Please don't let this stir up drama
C- Cthulhu would totally kick Godzilla's ass. Fhtagn, bitch.
I- kayjaym says hello
I- A quality intro from iamcuriouslyyello

N- Guilty Gear Overture geting US release
N- Cheap gaming deals of the week (House of the Dead Wii for $20!)
N- Disaster: Day of Crisis release date announced
V- Interesting Resident Evil 5 details
V- Mario Kart Wii and a few other vids here
V- So, is this GTA IV intro the real deal?
V- LOST. Whoop-de-doo
V- Long blog of game videos
T- Top Ten Third-Party Devs
T- Pixel Junk Monsters
T- New Squeenix RPG, Monotone Princess
T- Condemned 2 for $35 bucks at GameCrazy
T- Boston Phoenix gives Brawl a negative review
T- Zenith has an unhealthy amount of love for Max Payne
T- Phantom Hourglass and the Temple of Ice
T- What makes a collection legen... wait for it
T- Justifying Black College Football Xperience
T- PS3's Red Screen of Death
T- European perspective on Mario Kart Wii
T- Wait... you just now finished Twilight Princess?
T- In a shocking twist, Assassin's Creed may have borrowed elements from Thief
T- Mass Effect and Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates impressions
T- What Mario Kart Wii is getting wrong

A- Luigi made of bottlecaps
A- Skribble shows off some sketches
M- Really digging this music video
M- A Metroid movie couldn't fail? I think you underestimate Hollywood
L- Bukowski poem would make perfect Fallout 3 tagline
S- The postman rang twice

L- Flying Sharks!
R- Maintaining the hardcore gamer habit
R- With GT5 on the horizon, nopk believes the sun sets on his life
R- Suggest retro games to force Kif to play
V- Bill Hicks is a God
V- Machinima: TF2 Western
V- Kung-fu clip with Capcom vs. SNK audio
V- The Gameboys playing Rock Band at E for All 2007

F- Clique accusations and drama.

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