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CBlogs of 04.12.08 + Zimmerisms

Alright, here's your recap for the day. You'll probably notice that I've only made one pick. It's not that the blogs were completely full of fail or that I didn't think anything was worthy. It's because this one story is so important that absolutely nothing should distract you from reading it and the article linked within. Click them. Seriously. Zimmerisms after the recap.

*- The most important cBlog you may read all week.

S- On the Table: Abalone (ConradZimmerman)
M- Friendly Fire (Lavallee017)
M- Life-stealing (F Whipple
M- Lenneth Valkyrie (zeph)

C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
E- Audiosurf Contest weeks 6-7 winners announced

E- OH SNAP! Wardrox at PAX!
F- Saturday Night Slaughter!
F- Shitty movie night does the best movie ever tonight!
S- Schmo0zle installs a new video card
C- How can we improve the Dtoid Steam community?
C- To1kien broke his FNF cherry
C- Another FNF recap
I- Dead riff returns from a long absence
R- Been a long time since I heard about DC controller ports frying
H- Commish shows off his NES and SNES games

N- Hellgate defies all logic in Korea
N- First trailer of Resistance 2
N- I don't care that it's slow. I like Dan Hsu and I hope we see him again soon.
N- Only two new VC releases this week... again. sigh
N- Left 4 Dead gets release in Russia, release date pushed back to Fall
N- UK Retailers stop taking pre-orders of GTA IV
V- Most boring video of Mario Kart Wii imaginable
V- New Street Fighter IV vids
T- Facewound, which looks pretty damn cool.
T- What might a new DS consist of?
T- Ikaruga likes to give it without lube.
T- When will GTA4 make the jump to PC?
T- The still running character analysis for Brawl
T- This post on in-game advertising infuriates me.
T- ChillyBilly's going back to the olden times
T- Resident Evil 5 is racist again. Thanks, N'Gai.
T- Major bug in Mario Kart Wii?
T- Images of Knights in the Nightmare for DS
T- Remembering the TRS-80
T- What's inappropriate at what age?

A- Metroid Manga
M- Song from You Have to Burn the Rope available for download
L- MMO novel Halting State gets Hugo Award nomination

L- Showing Scary Womanizing Pig Mask a little love
L- Crypto does his best impression of Workman
L- Epic lulz in the butt!
R- I would probably kill Brian's roommate in his sleep.
R- A schizophrenic post
R- That's one hell of a week
V- Falsely advertised lulz but decent vid with footage of many SNES games
R- Demonoid's back online
?- Is this English? I'm not sure.

S- Only missed it by a few hours
S- Slow but of great importance
F- This wasn't even remotely necessary.
F- An entire blog to provide photographic evidence of God of War II's GH price? Really?
F- Ugh. Drama stir. Big fucking deal.
F- This belongs in the forums.
F- Yes, yes, Ikaruga is awesome. This is not.
F- Even if you're digging the blog thing, this should really be in forums and you knew that.
F- Your previous post belonged in the forums and this one does too.
F- You cannot hide your fail from me.
F- Drama = fail

My 360 finally returned from service this week and, amazingly, I've had no problems whatsoever. You hear about all of the assorted issues folks have regarding getting back a unit with a different serial number and it makes you freak out a little bit when it comes to sending your hardware off. Sure, it kinda has to be done (unless you're one of those people who absolutely has to try and fix it themselves). Still, I was worried.

Thankfully, no problems at all. It took the about the same amount of time to receive my unit, repair it and send it back as it did for them to get the coffin to me in the first place. Hooked everything back up and it's worked a dream since. It's really obvious that there's a new drive in there (disc-read errors were my issue), as it pops right out now like a thing possessed instead of the slow crawl I'd become accustomed to. All my XBLA downloads are working offline and, all things considered, I'm a happy camper.

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