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CBlogs of 04.07.08

Hey everyone! I'm excited to be helping out with the CBlog recaps. Doing something on this scale really gives a sense of accomplishment when you finish it and I'm glad that ceark was willing to trust me with his grand enterprise. And maybe this way he'll get Rio's painting finished so he can start working on mine.

Anyway, no rant or anything today, just a hell of a lot of blog posts. Enjoy!

*- Explanation as to why I'm not ceark (not including all the awesome he has unrelated to CBlog recaps)
*- A bit ironic, but it needs to be said
*- This is what you do in Mexico, people
*- Epic drawing of Hamza makes me think he may be compensating
*- That's a lot of peenoo (dvddesign's Japan blog series)
*- Hoygeit reminds me that I should play more Sam & Max with this sweet bit of fanart
*- I know these picks keep winding up being art, but I can't help that you guys are so fucking epic
*- Admittedly, I'm a Star Trek geek, but this game idea is gold

A- A French (Canadian) gamer in an English-speaker's world (Clyde)
S- Musical Attack Monday: Dale North (Passionate Styos)
S- Albums To Game By (Batthink)
M- Micromanaging (Tubatic)

C- EDS Free Points (Ends 4.10)
C- CBlog Xbox Scavenger Hunt (Ends 4.31)
C- that audiosurf contest (Ends 5.2)
C - Pedro Blandino's CoD4 Swag contest winner announced
E - GoS-CPT-Stewart (EDS' Free Points)
T- Honestly, at this point, I hope you are late
T- And that goes double for you
T- You, on the other hand, supplied a sweet Doctor Who-related 3D model
T- You goddamn procrastinators
T- I kept meaning to enter the Turning Point contest
T- It was going to be my old computer in its cardboard box
T- But I decided that we had enough of this crap in here
T- Perhaps I was wrong about that
T- Don't worry, the pain will be over soon
T- Oh, yes. It'll all be over soon

T- Alright, I'm just about to finish the recap. I do one last check and I see this. Niero fucking hates me.

E- Planet Comicon and some sweet retro game buys
E- Cancun and the quest for a lobster milkshake
E- Cancun: The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day
E- Cancun: Hotel room video
E- Cancun: This is not what you do in Mexico
E- Light coverage of I-Con
E- Tyler805 makes a run for the border to see Video Games Live
F- The first PS3 poker night!
F- AgentMOO's weekly game testing night
C- SgtBilbo buys a new TV, now just needs a kid who can destroy it
C- Excremento, you do realize this is just feeding the trolls further, right?
B- Genki's birthday video
B- And a repost of above video

N- New Fallout 3 screenshots
N- Overpriced Wii Wheel not quite as overpriced
N- Eurpoean Rock Band release date, but we disbelieve
N- GTA 4 post with a list of features that I didn't read out of spoiler fear
N- European new releases
N- US XBLA new releases
N- Gamestop has Bioshock for $30 used until thursday
N- Importing games is going to get cheaper for Europeans at year's end
N- Browser based Witcher game starts Beta
N- Gears of War 2 in next month's GI
N- Trauma Center 2 on DS!
N- Demigod delayed
T- Europe gets screwed on digital distribution and Ali D is mad as hell
T- VWTGI looks back on what he played over the weekend
T- Ah, the sweet joys of a Dreamcast
T- CoD4 is for little boys and the morbidly obese
T- Goozex's enticing offer might be worth the sign-up.
T- Killer Instinct boss is a cheap bitch
T- Later, michiyoyoshiku goes on to point out bitch SNK bosses too
T- Lamenting the trackball
T- What did you buy last week?
T- Trading in games is tantamount to baby eating, but with a deal like this...
T- Major League Eating game
T- Brawl Character Critique
T- Persona 2
T- Castle Crashers
T- A mysterious message (Cave Story)
T- Annoyance at console hopping exclusives
T- Warhammer Online footage is meh, I want a 40k MMO
T- UnstoppableJuggernaut has sold his CoD4
T- Charlie Daniel's didn't like his boss fight in GH III
T- Go Man is finally getting around to Earthbound
T- Horrifying new 360 error will kill you in seven days
R- Do I detect a note of sarcasm? (Home Alone - SNES)
V- New gaming vidcast looks pretty good
V- Tamz' favorite game intros

A- Designs of characters in Smash Bros through the ages
A- New War of the Worlds comic from Dark Horse looks excellent
F- Frodo Baggins is the Prince of Persia?
F- Kung-Fu Flicks for Noobs
M- Brawl music deserves live symphonic treatment
S- That controller needs more buttons.
S- Neat "Police Quest"-inspired shirt
S- That's a weird Master Chief... thing

L- 360 life-support system
L- Contra 4 puts hair on your chest
L- And don't forget to put the seat back down
L- Wow. You're a real dick
L- "Look how funky he is"
L- Bananaman is classic!
R- Dtoid partners with Hammersuit
CBB- If we aren't bitching about a console, we're bitching about bitching about a console
R- Crunshii hits 1000 comments
R- I'm scared, mommy
R- Worst "instrument" ever.
R- A short story about baseball
R- Hedgehogs weaponized
R- flaakmonkey's making the move to Vista. Godspeed.
R- Mila Kunis: Geek Goddess

S- You're a little late to the April Fool's party
F- I'm as disappointed with your post as you were with Portal and Bioshock
F- Okay, now you're stretching the joke a bit thin
F- Yeah, Uwe Boll cares about that petition
S&F- See above
S&F- See above
F- Forums, plzkthx.
F- Look up one line. See that? Awesome.
F- Being demanding won't get it there any faster
F- Yeah, umm, let's not do this again mmmkay?
F- I don't care how old you are, you still fail
F- That's ten more seconds I'll never get back
F- Whoring another site without real content is automatic fail in my recaps

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