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C-Blog Contest: Win a Dreamcast, 24 hours left!

Just a reminder, you only have 24 hours left to steal away my Dreamcast. Once I post the recap tomorrow night, it's all over! Get your entries in!

Full repost of the contest rules follow:

I had a lot of fun with the Darious Pickman character, and now I want some more. Give me your take on my private eye. Draw a comic, make a shoop, write me a story. The Dtoider that entertains me the most with their entry will score themselves a Dreamcast. If you don't know who Darious Pickman is or want to get a feel for him, you can learn a little bit about him by reading my F*** You DVDDesign series (Darious shows up first in Day 19)

How to Enter:
Make a comment with your entry into the comments of this post, or one of the reminder posts which will follow later in the week. If you are using a large image that won't fit comfortably in the comments, I'd urge you to use a smaller one and provide a link to a hi-res version.


- Feel free to enter as many times as you like, though it probably won't increase your odds of winning
- Open to US residents in the contiguous 48 states only (unless you are willing to pitch in for shipping)
- Entries must be recieved before the CBlog recap goes live on July 7th (typically Midnight, Eastern time)
- The prize is a Dreamcast console with cables
- Winner will be announced Wednesday, July 9th (promise).
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