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Interview Special: What are you thankful for?

Allright you suckers. It's Thanksgiving! Well... in the USA at least. I really don't get this holiday. It's celebrated in like for regions, all celebrate it on a different day. So I guess I could eat turkey four times a month when I travel enough.
So, there will be no C-Blog or Community interview today. I bet you are all as busy getting drunk and annoyed by your relatives as I am playing some Black Flag before I'll head off to empty my apartment later. But for all you miserable little DToiders that hang around on Thanksgiving anyway, here is our special Thanksgiving episode. Brought to you by Everyday Legend's Lovesauce - it makes every Turkey HOT!

So fellas: what are you thankful for?

Andy Dixon:�
I'm thankful for the two best kids a dad could ask for, a wife who supports my gaming habits (or at least doesn't stand in the way of them), and for each and every person who takes the time to comment, blog, or otherwise take part in this community. We've got the greatest fucking site on the 'net here, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Also, cocks.

Caitlin Cookie:
I am thankful that my dad was a (kind of) gamer enough to own an Atari 2600 when I was but a tiny babby, which started me off on this path in the first place. Also, shout outs to the Game Gear, Sega Saturn, and N64, the misfits of gaming that shaped my adolescence. I am thankful for finding a home at Dtoid, a community with mild judgement and big hearts. Lastly, I'm thankful for Neiro who gave me this opportunity to share my thoughts with the world. <3

Christ Carter:
I'm thankful for my friend Alex, who convinced me to give up my fanboy ways in Middle School, and enjoy things from all walks of life and platforms.

Dale North:
Thankful for corgis, music, people that appreciate music, our readers...

Darren Nakamura:
It's cheesy, I know, but I'm thankful to Destructoid for giving me the opportunity to talk about games with millions of people, and to the community members who make Destructoid such a cool place to be.

Well, outside of the usual friends, family and loved ones (which, of course, I am very thankful for), I would have to say that I am thankful that my wife and I were able to find and purchase our very first house earlier this year. I'm also thankful that we are still employed and are able to make the payments. I know that it may seem a bit... materialistic or something, but sometimes I look around my house and just can't help but think that there were any number of things that could have happened, or not happened, that would have prevented it from happening.

I don't know it's not ending very well at all...but the people that have stuck by me and currently give me the only real reason not to just...stop being. TOO DEEP AND DARK BUT LIKE HONEST BRAH....it's a small amount of people but that's all you need.�

Last Scion Of The House Of Blue Lions:
There are many things I'm thankful for. I have a job, I can go to school, I have a stable home and a family that cares about me.... but those are all things that I've had for longer than this year.

So. Something I'm thankful for this year would probably have to be.... You guys.
This community of great folks, right here. The people who'll share jokes and funny pictures, give advice on whatever, and just listen to you go on about how your day was. Playing games together, writing blogs, supporting one another. I'm thankful that, here on the internet where there can be so much vitriol, that this is a very welcoming place, and that I was fortunate enough to find it, and hang out on here with all of you guys. I want to thank all of you for that. Yes, even you.
The site may change and the staff may change, but I hope the community doesn't. Because, and I've said it before;
You guys are all Fantastic, with a capital F

Johnny Luchador:
I'm thankful for the movie Mighty Joe Young, Golden Girls re-runs, Contras' 30 man code, Bayou Billy, el Generico, and the notion that one day I will be able to challenge Randy Savage in a steel cage match when i become a spooky ghost. Really like a spooky spooky ghost who could haunt E3 or the set of a Nic Cage movie.

Jonathan Holmes:
I am thankful for the time and energy that so many people choose to offer to the Destructoid community -- all of the fan art, all of the post comments (positive of otherwise), all of the community blogs, all of the time spent listening to or reading the words that Destructoid content creators provide. It's a huge privileged to be a part of it all.�

Even if you only come here for the review scores and the opportunity to announced that Space Jam is the best movie ever, you have my gratitude.

I am thankful my children, my friends here and my job. I am thankful for my father and how he raised me. I am thankful for my brother and his family and the relationship we share.

I'm not going to lie, it's been a pretty good year for us. The past few years have been pretty bad for my family and it started to get us down for various reasons. This year I'm, more than anything, thankful for my wife for getting through everything with me. We were able to buy a house to give my son a stable home, paid of a lot of bills we had and now we're at a point where we can finally enjoy our lives together since a lot of outside issues that were out of our control have been dealt with.

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without Destructoid. You always have to add that in there.

What am I thankful for? Hm.
Most of all I'm thankful for the general sappy bullshit. I'm thankful for the family and friends who made me who I am, I'm thankful for being able to live a comfortable life, you know the drill. Clich�d, I know, but still true. Other than that I'm thankful for being a gamer, because I never have to be bored when there's worlds to save, goombas to jump on, dungeons to explore and party members to recruit (and/or cram into tiny balls). I'm thankful for the people who shaped the industry, and the ones who keep making the games I get to enjoy.

Strider Hoang:
I'm thankful for the people and friends I've made here on Destructoid. If it weren't for you guys, I'd have gone crazy from all the industry buzz slash fiction, left Dtoid, and gone on a murderous rampage quoting Gabe Newell and blaming it all on feminist issues.

It's people like Wrench, Smurf, Phil, Andy, Monk, and countless others who make Destructoid worth visiting even with haters dropping deuces and scribing Linkin Park lyrics on the cblogs.

Also, cocks.

My family. Sure, a cliche cop-out shit answer, but sometimes the truth is not but cliche cop-out shit.

Avoiding an obvious answer, like friends or family, I would definitely be most thankful for this great opportunity I landed writing on music for a magazine, which comes with complimentary PR. - Turbokill

My friends and family for being as supportive and caring as they are (even though I'm usually the butt of the joke). Especially my fiance. She's been very patient with me in getting a bunch of crap together and we just bought a house that we'll be moving into the first few weeks of the new year. I can't imagine things any other way right now.

And last but not least, what are we, the sexiest members of DToid right after Andy Dixon, thankful for?

Everyday Legend:
I'm thankful for a fantastic job, a wonderful wife who takes care of me (even on my most dickish of days), a brilliant and beautiful daughter, and family who loves and cares for us all. At the risk of sounding incredibly cliche, I wish each and every one of you my level of success, because a solid foundation is the only thing that can truly support dreams.

To all the readers outside the US, I'd wish you a happy Thanksgiving, but you probably know nothing of hallowed and silly American holidays. Still, eat a big meal, skip out on work, and don't give a fuck about anything tomorrow. If you are in the US, enjoy your day, and try to resist the urge to go shopping tomorrow night or early in the morning. Spend every moment possible with people who mean the most to you, pursuing something other than a deal on electronics. Don't forget what's truly important about days like today - because freezing your asses off in solidarity outside of Best Buy or Walmart just simply ain't it.�

When you think about it, there is just so much. I'm thankful for those few people that are my friends. Thankful for coming to terms with myself a bit more. Thankful for fucking Assasin's Creed 4 which is my most beloved game of the decade. Thankful for my job which I choose out of need and it became something I really have fun doing. Thankful for great music. Thankful for Destructoid, of course, which seems to be a kinda rad place, even if it's changing.
Shit... kinda thankful for all the things that count, you know? There are so few and they make so much difference.�

You're thankful for something and weren't asked? Tell us in the comments.
And if you were asked and couldn't be fucked to answer the mail: tell us anyway. We forgive you. Because we are great like that.
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