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C-Blog Interviews: Alasdair Duncan

Damn Scots! They're ruinin Scotland! - Groundskeeper Willie.

Is it racist of me to use Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons as my source of all things Scotland? Possibly.

Is it racist of me to use Groundskeeper Willie as the source of all my questions about Scotland? Yes.

So in summary, I am racist and this is a great interview.

What made you start blogging and why Destructoid?

I started blogging at Destructoid right about the same time I discovered the site. I'd already been writing a small music blog for a few months, which was mainly for my friends but Destructoid seemed to promote and be able to get people to look at what you wrote. I'd been playing more and more games at that point because I was living in my own place and had a job that granted plenty of free time. I wrote a few articles, got the feel of it then tried to commit to writing more regularly.

Where did you get your username and avatar?

I've been called Ali D for a long time. In Scotland, if your name is Alasdair, then people will normally call you Ally or Ali for short. I had a close friend in primary school called Alastair Torrey, so in my circle of friends, he was Ali T and I was Ali D. The name stuck and I've used it ever since. My avatar was drawn by the brilliant ZombiePlatypus as part of his Thread Titles program. He's been drawing forum members personal titles and seeing as how I am the beard master, it seemed very fitting.

Your favorite game? Too simple? Your favorite scene from your favorite game.

My favourite game is Deus Ex but I really love Team Fortress 2, Super Mario Bros 3 and GTA Vice City. I think my favourite part is wandering around Hong Kong, feeling that there was this actual living, breathing city in the game. Deus Ex's freedom has always been intoxicating to me and this is why I really enjoyed Human Revolution.

So you're Scottish? Wait...Let me rephrase that. How many people look at you and quote Groundskeeper Willie when you're in America?

I think it's either a blessing or a curse that the most famous Scottish people that pop into people's heads are all fictional; Groundskeeper Willie, Scotty from Star Trek, Fat Bastard, Shrek.... yeah, thanks Mike Myers. I'm lucky if someone goes like "Oh Scotland, you mean like Sean Connery or Euan MacGregor?". Most of the time, people are just disappointed I'm not Irish.

If you could hug anyone on Dtoid who would it be?

If I could hug anyone..... I don't think I could pick. I like dishing out hugs to anyone. Next time someone sees me at a Detructoid event, demand a hug. I will give you one.

If you could punch anyone on Dtoid who would it be?

If I could punch anyone, it's probably be Gobun. Because he's a big guy and could probably take it. We like to mess with each other a lot; I punch him in the ribs, he sexually abuses me whilst I sleep. You know, the normal.

When I grow up I want to be�

When I grow up I want to be ..... someone else.

Now that I�ve grown I can�

Now that I've grown up I'm a little less worried about the future. I just turned 31 recently and without wanting to bore anyone, I've gone through some shit in the last 18 months. Life has changed dramatically and I've just been finding my feet. I think now, I can kinda stop worrying. I'm prepared to just accept what life gives me and work with it.

You are one of many individuals on this website with magnificent beards...What separates your beard from everyone else's?

My beard is fairly amazing. I think the thing that confuses people is how thick the hair actually is, it's like wire. I regularly find that I get small bits of beard hair stuck in the grooves of my finger tips. Mind you, I do use a tea tree oil and conditioner on my hair to keep it as soft as I can.

Are you willing to let me grease you up? (To avoid being creepy, refer to this video before giving me that look: I'm Not a weirdo)

I would be willing for a greasing up. As everyone knows, there's nairy an animal alive that can outrun a greased up Scotsman. In actual fact, that should be an augment in the next Deus Ex game, an ability to grease yourself up when you're in a vent.

What game this fall season are you most excited about?

This Fall (or as we call it in the UK, Autumn) I'm excited for Batman Arkham City the most. I really enjoyed the first one and the sequel is looking even better. I'm gonna get Dark Souls as well as I don't have a PS3, so I missed out on Demon Souls. Skyrim is looking great too but I wonder if I should just hold off and get a GOTY edition with all the DLC?

If you could find an image online that describes you, what is this image?

This, courtesy of the great PappDukes:

There is a woman who seems to be looking in your general direction with a peculiar look on her face. As she comes up to you, you quickly say�.

As the woman approaches, I say "No madame, I don't actually sell drugs I just look like a dealer."

Why do you believe you deserve to be Ms. America?

As Ms America I would have to say my geographical knowledge is second to none. Did you know Australia has one of the lowest population densities on Earth, just above Outer Mongolia?

If I were to tell you that you had one day left to live, you would?

If I had one day left to live, I'd probably sit around crying a fair amount and feel sorry for myself. Then I think I'd just dick around on the internet and do my usual stuff. I'm a horrible procrastinator and rarely feel a sense of urgency.

What is your most prized possession? (Family and Loved ones don�t count)

I don't really have a prized possession; moving from Scotland to Australia and back again has kinda rid me of a lot of ephemeral stuff in my life. I've never really been into material possessions, I'm much to pragmatic and practical for that. I mean my laptop here is an important possession as it's got all my music on it, it's how I interact with a lot of people, how I play games etc etc. Mind you, I have this blanket I bought when I was on holiday, briefly in Mexico. It's this hand woven, thick woollen blanket. I've had it about 15 years now and I do have an attachment to it.

This question includes or makes reference to some form of Scottish stereotype...Answer as you please.

Well I mean I am drunk right now but I need to stop drinking at some point because I need to finish eating this deep fried haggis in whiskey batter, before putting on my kilt so I can go out and buy some heroin. Whilst swearing a lot.

If you could ask the community a question it would be?

I've not really got a question, more a request. If you're new to the community, get stuck in. Check out the forums, blog regularly, check out the shows on JTV and Revision 3, get involved in emailer groups... there's plenty happening. The site isn't just the frontpage, there's plenty happening all over and it's good to be able to dip your toes in all of it.
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