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Kraid: He's Not Black.....

A lot of people may think that the hardest part of these interviews is the editing....It's not. I rarely edit aside from the few typos and even those are usually rare because everybody here does a good job of spell checking. No, the hardest...


Xandaca: It's Grey, Not Gray

So it's Thursday. I know. Tomorrow, I will be busy as Community season 1 came out on DVD and me and my friends will be marathoning through that in between some Zombie gaming action. Without further adieu, here is Xandaca. Q: How did you ge...


Tony Ponce (megaStryke)

How did you get into blogging, and why here? In 2007, I started working in the IT department of a mortgage company. As anyone who has ever been a cubicle monkey knows, there was an abnormal amount of down time. Solitaire and Facebook don't ...


C-Blog Interviews: Aurain; Forum edition

After the recent success of the forum head honcho Zodiac Eclipse, I decided to round up another forum-ite because frankly I (not necessarily ignored) avoided the forums 'cause I enjoy my free time. There will be another forum member intervi...


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