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Bunchies: The joy, The sadness, The WTF

Chances are, you've seen this hideous creature prancing around on the internet, spreading fear and love, far and wide. If you've ever wondered to yourself about the origin of Bunchies, this should clear up all the mystery. Bunchies are t...


Hey new exclusive song

get it while you can its called Citizen Soldier by 3 doors down If you go to this link and sign up, you can bullshit the information I have tried it personally, its for the 50,000 first people only though so hurry up



yup 10/10/90 What a magic day, i was born. Little did i know i was being born next to, literally, my best friend and Heterosexual life mate Kris Thayer.


Olivia Munn

um when did she become apart of Destructoid and whats her number jk who's like licking her ??? I mean in the banner of Destructoid lol not whats shes licking.


Who writes these really

who writes these little quips; i love them so. Weirdest part is Britney is my girlfriends name lol which one of you are watching me ? CTZ is it you??? jk


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My name is Joey, most call me Sully. I am 17 I work at Shaws. I am still in high school. I have no car and i live in the woods ,somewhere in New Hampshire. My life sukks lol.
I live, breath, and eat video games anime and computers. If something is nerdy or geeky, I have, will, and or want to do it.

I am me I am not gonna be a tool and tell you how awesome i am. uh i like almost all video games except sports games and the point and clicks. ive played/had every system since i was born that was out. I got a pc its a piece of shit.

Currently I am playing:
Emulator: Pokemon ruby
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Xbox 360: Orange box, Bioschock, Halo 3
PS3: lol fuck that

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