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Comments of the week: Handy Edition?

AHHH! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, Garethxxgod dropped out of Commentoid and I agreed to take his place in the rotation. What the hell was I thinking!? They’re even calling me “the valiant” in the sidebar! Everyone else is ”the strong” or “...


Comments of the Week: Kn00btaf Edition

Welcome welcome faithful listeners, to comments of the sort-of-week ranging from the somethingth through the something elseth. Hi, my name is Knutaf (well, not my name name, but my name here), and over the last few days I've been groveling ...


Comments of the week!: T.Rex Edition!

Yeah I meant the band and not the dinosaur if anyone couldn’t tell. Not that I don’t like dinosaurs because their comics are awesome but this song is better because: Psychedelic Rock is the greatest music style man has ever made and ther...


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