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Comments of the Week: Tinfoil hat edition.

Hey everybody! Itís time for Comments of the Week, categorizing comments so you donít have to think for yourself!

So, E3 is next week, Iím sure you didnít notice know because nobody mentioned it lately, but are you ready? Truly ready? Have you prepared food for the conferences? The emergency food for unexpected announcements? The comfort food for the motion control segments? Do you have your excuse for not going to work for a week? Have you prepared your body for lounging around for a week? Have you prepared your mind for crushing disappointment?

Do you have the champagne on ice for when they announce Persona 5 and the revolver loaded for when they donít?

From : Rumor: Europe to receive The Last Story.

Spare a thought for your European brothers/superiors.

From: Hacking group threatens ďthe endĒ of Sony

This is just a crumb of the Truth Sandwich that was the comments section of this story, most of it boiled down to ďfuck hackersĒ along with many interesting ways to mention anal sex...but thereíll be plenty of that later.

From: Corduroy Turtleís caption contest results

From: Brink patched for pc

From: Typhlosion Transformation

This one just cracked me up.

From: Nintendo do not care about you

I concur.

From: Letís Talk Turkey

It all started with this innocent picture

Then, something beautiful happened.

All well and good, until it went to Knutafís head

From: Mysterious Nintendo film shoot involves Zelda Williams

I ainít nevah had a friend.

Thatís all.

Kill me.

From: Cosplay calendar to aid Japanese relief efforts.

Buttsex seems to be the unofficial theme of Dtoid this week.

From: Thank Christ for that: PSP firmware update 6.39 coming

You decide Dtoid.

Have we missed out on a much better story here?

Huh? Thatís it? Barely any Wut this week, thatís disappointing...well, I mean, itís good for the site and all, but whatever, weíll have more than we can handle with E3 next week.

Well Iíve got nothing left to rant about so I guess weíll just end on that unsatisfying note...

UH-OH! Did somebody say ďRANTĒ?

You know what that means!


Look out Chad, theyíre after the dolphins now!

Thatís it for this week. I had lots of great suggestions from the community this week that where a huge help! Feel free to PM the Commentoid account or whoever the current Commentoider of the week is with any suggestions. And remember to watch your manners during E3, because weíre watching you.

Always watching.


With boners.

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