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Storage space and false advertising

A common trend since the event of portable media players and other such devices is that they have been rated by their total storage space. Originally this wasn't much of a problem, as barely any of that space had been consumed by system functionality.

However lately the device's operating system and applications have begun to consume so much of the storage space that the rating used to advertise the product has become misleading in how far it is off of the actual available space for the consumer.

Some examples:
Microsoft surface Pro - Advertised as 64GB - actual free space 23GB
iPad Mini - advertised as 16Gb - actual free space 13GB
Nexus 7 - advertised as 8GB - actual free space 5.9GB
iPod Touch - advertised as 8GB - actual free space 6.5GB

I feel that corporations should be forced to advertise their products based on the actual available free space on the device. That way when you advertise a device as 8GB then you should expect to a receive a device that has 8GB of free storage to use.

If we enforce such a rule industry wide this will definitely benefit consumers in the following ways:
1. When you buy an 8GB music player, you'll get 8GB of storage. i.e. you get exactly what is expected.

2. It'll discourage suppliers from installing shovelware and other junk on the device, as it'll come as a cost to them rather than take up the consumers storage space. Because they will be forced to increase the size of the storage in order to house the additional junk without taking away from the rated storage.

3. Companies will be encouraged to think smarter about how they design the systems installed on the device, to make them consume less space.

Some of you may be saying "you never get the rated size from a new computer hard drive, as you have to format to use it". That's completely different to this, as a system builder you are buying a HDD in a clean slate and know that you have to format it and install stuff to be able to use it.

In the case of these products you are buying a final product, with a rated storage, however the companies know full well ahead of time that you will never have access the amount of space they are advertising it to have.
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