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Surveys, lies and false naratives

The most recent idiotic spree around the internet has been this trash Everything You Know About Boys and Video Games Is Wrong and every moron has been jumping to repost it without doing even the slightest investigation or questioning o...


Digital Feminism - A tale of jealousy

Jealousy is at the heart of the current trend of hatred against beautiful female characters in games.  Men and women are genetically programmed to seek out better, healthier and younger partners and they know it. This is what makes them ex...


Is there such a thing as a perfect 10 game?

Today I was looking over the review scores of The Last of Us and I am extremely disappointed to find almost 30 perfect 10 scores. Now I realise that reviews and scores are subjective based on opinion, but is any game truly flawless? In the...


Storage space and false advertising

A common trend since the event of portable media players and other such devices is that they have been rated by their total storage space. Originally this wasn't much of a problem, as barely any of that space had been consumed by system fun...


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