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10 About Colton Phillips

I sort of jumped head first into the Destructoid community at PAX prime - and it was awesome! I thought I'd share some things about myself that you probably don't know. Yeah, it's cheesy and overdone, but fuck it. We're doing it. Let's go. :3

0. I've been making games for a really long time.

My first games were pen and paper, card games, and modifications on existing board games. I started programming in High School. I found it really fun to play with code. I started making text adventure games and other simulation software (Snowman Generator 2000) in Quick Basic. I've produced nearly a dozen or so Indie prototypes in a handful of languages and frameworks. I've helped ship 2 commercial games for the LeapPad device: Roly Poly Picnic 2, and Splurgle. I'm currently wrapping up a 4 year degree in Software Engineering at the University of Victoria.

1. I'm a hillbilly.

Although it's not really a self-applied label - I was raised on a farm in small town Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. I had pigs and goats and all that shit. I spent a huge chunk of my childhood exploring the forests and and hidden areas around my house by myself. That time has shaped my personality to an uber-quiet introverted type of guy (to strangers anyway). We were pretty god damn poor for a while there. Our relatives called us "The Clampets". I had dial-up Internet until I was 18.

2. I've gained and lost hundreds of pounds. I invented a fitness game I call FitQuest.

I was (and still am) a pretty fat guy. By which I mean - fat on the inside. Even when I was mad skinny I still struggled with my desires. I've spent a lot of my life wickedly depressed. I won't start a pity-party over here, but let's just say that I'm a bit imbalanced on all fronts and I'm working hard to fix my problems, but I can't completely change overnight. I accept and appreciate criticism on everything that I do - but I am a pretty sensitive boy so just be careful.

FitQuest is a simple game that has a focus on strategy, and helps enable players to choose to do the right things for the right reasons. I wanted to take everything that I'd learned from my personal experiences and boil them into a really tight simple package. I feel that FitQuest is my most solidly designed game. I have no plans to code it any time soon, but I play it every day on little pieces of paper. The game is hugely inspired by Jane McGonigal's work. I'll blog more about the game some time in the future.

3. I love Double Fine.

When I was just a 'lil guy I was often babysat by my neighbors kids while my parents did parenty things. I was first introduced to Day of the Tentacle at their house. All my prior gaming experience was old school DOS games with incredibly simple aesthetics. This game blew me away. It truly felt like you were a part of this crazy cartoon world where anything could happen. I still play it from time to time. Later in my life I learned more about Tim. I started following his company. After I finished Psychonauts I made a serious decision: I moved to Victoria to learn how to program games.

When I tell people that I want to move to San Francisco and program games for Double Fine they bring up Tim's name. There are so many awesome people working at that company that it's a bit of a shame. Tim has done something truly magical - I honestly feel like the Double Fine model needs to be the new standard for game development studios. I don't want to get too deep into the area of system design but I'll just say this - It makes sense.

Meeting Anna Kipnis, Tim, Ron, and a bunch of other DF staff at the Hard Rock Cafe PAX DF meetup was AMAZING. Please continue to support this amazing crew. I have a year left of school, and a butt-load of stuff I still need to learn. They'll get a copy of my resume real soon.

4. I love metal.

I've been playing guitar for 10+ years, but I also play bass, bongos, scream, sing, and any other left handed instruments I can get my hands on. My emphasis is on metal. The cacophony comforts me. It helps me sleep. It relieves my headaches. It calls to me :3

I write music when I can, but good metal is a bit tricky to compose while you're busy with school.

Storm The Gates - This song took a long time to compose. It's still not finished really - The female vocals are my own, but pitch shifted to a feminine range.

I really like screaming, but I don't really do it properly yet. It's nice when I can use metal to advertise a game jam. :P

I do 5 Minute Metal Jams on my Youtube page. The idea is to produce and record a metal song in a really short time frame. Some times I make really silly music like this...

5. Jack of all trades. Master of none.

I'm not just a programmer. I can do a butt-load of stuff. At this point I've pretty much touched every single area of the game development spectrum. For a while, I wanted to go "full indie". When you're Indie, the more skills you have the better. Unfortunately I just don't have the strength to go at it alone. I've spread myself too thin.

I've since restructured my goals. I want to be an expert gameplay programmer with a keen sense of game design. An ideal gameplay programmer isn't really an expert programmer. If you have a brilliant programmer than you want to give them a systems job. I'm way to chincy to be that kind of brilliant.

In short: I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

6. I don't really have fun playing games.

I'm way too analytical to enjoy almost any experience. I rarely play games to completion. I play them long enough to understand the mechanics, learn from them, and move on. I'm honestly a pretty pathetic gamer. I cannot game for extended sessions.

I recently visited Universal Studios Florida for a holiday with the folks. I spent most of my time analyzing the ins and outs of the park. You will never see me with my hands up in the air screaming on a roller coaster. You're more likely to see me taking notes.

The exception to the rule is when I play games for other peoples enjoyment. ;) And sex. I refuse to spoil sex.

7. I've got a little buddy named Lee.

Pretty much anything that I've ever posted to the Internet that sounds really nice has been thanks to Lee Gauthier. We are creative partners - We got eachother's back. We are currently sharing a house built on our dreams and aspirations. I can't thank him enough for helping me get to where I am today. I'm going to cry salty man tears the day our paths diverge. His band Willows practices in our garage twice a week. I feel like Led Zeppelin is practicing in my garage - they sound incredible. If you're at all interested in programming, sound design, or digital signal processing give him a follow on Twitter you won't regret it.

8. I'm adorable.

9. I'm a chincy bastard.

I've spent way more time manufacturing game development than making games. I've spent a luxurious amount of time indulging in social media.

When I moved to Victoria I was really disappointed that the University didn't have a GameDev club, so I helped form one. I spent a good year or so as club President acting a role I really don't fit: Coach. I've also coined myself as a Producer.

I'm neither of those things.

I just don't have the enthusiasm to be a coach. I'm not a rabble rouser. I love games. I love making games. I just am not capable of spreading that excitement. I'm too imbalanced. I need to (finally) begin focusing on myself. I have done a lot for the club, so I don't feel guilty. But I will miss them all when I'm gone, and I'll certainly miss wearing the coach hat.

Oh yeah. I'm growing my hair out again. Metal man, fuck yeah.


Hey! I love meeting new gamers. You guys are my fuel and I live to entertain you. Add me on Steam and we'll play some games! :3

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