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some thoughts on kickstarting video games hey dtoid. ignore my badness. ignore the whole post if you really want. badgrammr As an artistic-sensible kind of guy I tend to think about a big picture in my head that satisfies a sense of closu...


Indie Album: Colton Phillips

The album Colton Phillips captures a piece of my life's work as an auditory projection of the moments of play my friends and I have engaged in. The album is meant to satiate funders of the Colton Phillips' Humble Indie Fund and provide a li...


Woah man, woah.

A few days ago I was boiling some tea. I lifted my arms high into the air to do a stretch and I became incredibly light-headed. I gently fell to the ground. In this moment I glanced up on the wall, at a photograph of my father. The frame w...


GameDev Poetry II

To celebrate filling my second design book, I'll post some of my favorite things from it. Martyr Marta Martyr Marta misses kisses. Caught in the cold and distant wishes. Thinks about the blunderbuss. "One of us. One of us. You can be jus...


10 About Colton Phillips

I sort of jumped head first into the Destructoid community at PAX prime - and it was awesome! I thought I'd share some things about myself that you probably don't know. Yeah, it's cheesy and overdone, but fuck it. We're doing it. Let's go. ...


Geeky GameDev Poetry

I'm a software nerd, not a word-ologist. I'd love to get some criticism on this piece. It starts with something small. A strike that lights the fire. And the hunger burns. If you do not ache, Then do not light that fire. Your first will...


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