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Pokemon Warrior's Way: The Beginning


On March 11th, 2018 I embarked on a journey in which changed my out look of not only on the way I played video games, but on my outlook of life. 

Around February of this year I reached one of my lowest points. My feelings towards myself was terrible, made worse by a series of multiple life altering events. I seeked help through conseling, talking with friends, changing my eating habits, exercising, and trying to rebuild myself to become happier. My gaming habits were verbose at best. I would play a few things on my PS4, but nothing clicked as those negative thoughts crept through like a lingering brain-freeze. It was after work one night I started to get an urge I hadn't had in a while, playing Pokemon Blue.

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On Facebook I decided to keep a running journal through my playthrough, as well as uploading pictures of who I was keeping in my party. My original intention was to play through Pokemon Blue, post a bit on Facebook, and afterwards move to another game in my backlog. What I didn't expect was slowly my mind wanted to play more and more. Eventually a little over a week later I had beaten Pokemon Blue. I couldn't believe how fast I had gotten through it, and in essence I wanted more. After I finished up, I decided to start up another Pokemon game. Below is my Facebook posts, later on in the week I will be back to post my other playthroughs.

March 11th, 2018

"I’ve started a new game of Pokémon Blue today. It holds a special place in my heart as one of my go to games when I’m feeling sad or stressed. I decided to go with Squirtle because Blastoise happens to be one of my favorite Pokémon. With this play through I don’t want to collect everything, or race to see how fast I can beat it. Instead I want to focus on what makes my team a part of me. As such each nickname of my party will reflect a specific part of myself. The current progress is I am 5 hours in my playthrough. Beaten three gym leaders, and my party of four so far is in their late 20’s. My team consists of Squirtle (evolved now), Sperrow (evolved now), Sandshrew (evolved now), and Abra (evolved now)."

March 12th, 2018

"Today I managed to gain significant momentum by gathering the rest of my team. Final set of evolutions also took place leaving me to focus on the grinding on other enemy NPCs I picked up an Eevee on my travels, and decided to evolve him with a Thunderstone. The last member of my team is a wild Snorlax I got in between gym battles. Current process is 10 hours in, 6 gym leaders beat, full team established, last set of evolving down, and the last of Team Rocket to be dismantled in Silph Co. building. To be continued..."

March 16th, 2018

"The later half of my of my journey was an exciting one. Taking out Team Rocket in the game corner, beating the rest of the gym leaders in dominating fashion, driving out Team Rocket out of the Silph Co. building, and venturing through Victory Road. The next task was taking on the Elite 4 with a party in their late 40s. As it turns out it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Thanks to the extra TMs alongside specific purposes I assigned for my team. Against Lorelei it was a clean sweep thanks to The Fury. High speed combined with Thunder Wave proved too much for her team. Against Bruno a similar sweep happened as The Sorrow took center stage. Pausing briefly whenever I had to switch out to The Cure when facing Bruno’s Onix. Against Agatha mostly the same, expect I had to use The Sorrow, The Fury, and The Fear to take on different mix types. Against Lance this was the most challenging. I had to use all of my party to tackle those Dragonair and that sturdy Dragonite. Despite the challenge The End got a fantastic critical hit at just the right time to take out that Dragonite. The final battle against my rival did not disappoint. Setting up to sweep two of his Pokemon with The Fury, and setting up The End to take out his Aerodactal was enough to get him desperate. He brought out his Venesaur which took out The Cure, but finally I was able to take my rival down with one decisive Drill Peck from The Pain. Final time for Pokémon Blue 14 and a half hours. Good playthrough and it was a good learning experience too."

- Drunk-Nerds Podcast co-host

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