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Wii U Hardware Problem!

So, today, I got my Wii U Deluxe. I was so happy, because I've been wanting one for so long. After reading all the instructions, charging my pad, hooking everything up, I held the GamePad in my hand, and pressed the power button on the console.

Blinking. Blue. Lights.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have hear is a console deficiency. Essentially, if your Wii U light is flickering blue, it's broken. The strange thing is, nobody told me anything about this. No major website said anything, and the only place I was able to find info about it was NeoGaf and GameFaqs.

I'm mad, essentially. Why was this problem not brought up?

Well, from what I've heard, you can call Nintendo. Just mention the flickering blue lights, and you can send it in for a new one. Luckily, mine didn't stop whenever I was partway through set-up, like others. Nintendo will fix it, and they will even pay shipping! 5/6 business days to a month are the waiting times I've heard.

As for me, I'm going to contact any store I can regarding the issue, to get a functional system in my hands.


Have a merry holidays!


So, after waiting 45 minutes on the phone with Nintendo of Canada, my Wii U is being shipped tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the comments, ladies and gentlemen. If it happens to you, they want the console and the HDMI cord. I asked about the Gamepad, however they didn't want me to send it. It wasn't synced to the console, so I see why.

Now I have to fly back to my house, and hopefully my Gamepad will be safe and sound!

Happy MMA Day! (Boxing)
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