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CollegeGuy46's Top 5 Games of the Year

Ah, the game of the year awards. It's always fun to read/watch people reveal what games they have played, and how it ranks among their favorites. As I played a few new games this year, I shall reveal my favorites on the best video gaming website: Destructoid!

Number 5: Kingdom Hearts 3D

Admittedly, this game is good. Great even. But compared to the gems below, it cannot compare. I honestly can't remember any other game besides KH to get 5. My credibillity is flying away with every word I say in this number.

Number 4: The Walking Dead

I'm the advocate of gameplay over graphics and story. If a game isn't fun to play for me, than it won't be played, simple as that. However, some games can over come their flaws in stellar storytelling, and Telltale's The Walking Dead is the coveted example of this.

The Walking Dead's characters really made me love this game. It had a ragtag group, with my favorite being Lee. Dave Fennoy did a phenomenal job as this character, and as much as I love Clementine, Lee sold the game on me.

Gameplay was.... average, but still engaging. The point and click interface from Strong Bad has been ditched in favor of a more unorthodox point and clicker, which I thoroughly enjoy. It made it a lot more interactive. However, it was still a slog at times to reach an interesting story thread, and if it were not for the characters, may have been bored. Choices made were interesting, and I was emotional at the ending. A phenomenal experience, but merely a good game.

Number 3: Journey

Journey was a game that intrigued me as to how I enjoyed it so much. It was a beautiful experience, and it was a joy to play through it, but I don't usually enjoy these "artsy" games. However, Journey is a game I wholly recommend.

It's one of those games you need to try for yourself, because it's impossible to recapture the feeling in words. You'll laugh, cry, and smile during this two hour adventure, and that is what makes the difference. It's a game that made me smile a lot, and it's incredible.

Number 2: Kid Icarus: Uprising

The infamous Kid Icarus grip is one of my favorite memories in gaming to date, despite being INCREDIBLY painful. I played for 9 hours before stopping, I laughed way too much, and the gameplay was incredible. My top handheld Game of the Year was unorthodox, but what would I expect from Masahiro Sakurai, one of the craziest devs working today.

Despite being an enjoyable game, Kid Icarus is also the only multiplayer game I enjoyed this year. Call of Duty is not my style, but since getting used to the accuracy the stylus can provide, I hope to see more games like this, perhaps on the Wii U!

Also, I find it incredibly odd that my favourite games require unorthodox ways to play. My favorite game of all time is The World Ends With You, so you know.

NUMBER 1: Dishonored

Gameplay will always trump story.

This is evidenced by my Game of the Year. Arguably, the plot in Dishonored is hocky. It's got problems. The funny thing is, I don't give a shit about that, because I had so much fun assassinating everything and sneaking around than I ever did this year. Dishonored was a game I picked up with NO prior knowledge, and I am certainly glad I did.

Dishonored is a game. Pure and simple. You can explore, finding different ways to do what you need. Arkane has given gamers a point A, and a point B, and a million ways to do it. The powers are fun to use. The style is impeccable, and everything about this game screams top notch. I love this game with every fiber, and if I get a tattoo anywhere, it will be the Outsider's mark. No clue why.

Thank you, and congratulations Arkane, for this gem.
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